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Audience-centered presentations

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Audience-centered presentations

Confidence, control and charisma – three key aspects of a professional presenter. Transform your presentation skills to leave a memorable impression.

Who’s it for?

This highly practical seminar helps professionals transform their presentation skills, leaving a memorable impression. Typical participants are looking to develop their confidence, control and charisma when presenting ideas, options or solutions.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • boosted your presentation skills through confidence and control
  • learned how to build and hold the audience’s engagement
  • practiced key skills to deliver a memorable message
  • applied new techniques to build audience rapport
  • applied the head, hand and heart technique to secure results

What’s covered?

  • Identifying your aims and your walk-away message
  • Analyzing your audience
  • Selecting the right approach to build and hold interest
  • Building your elevator pitch
  • Developing a compelling introduction with the RAMP model
  • Building ideas, arguments and conviction
  • Maximizing understanding through metaphors and examples
  • Adapting your language to suit your audience
  • Managing your audience through voice techniques
  • Harnessing body language to support your message
  • Using positive imagery and wording
  • Designing appropriate visual aids
  • Concluding effectively, and why a summary is not a conclusion
  • Dealing with questions –  4R technique

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Presenting with IMPACT

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  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 2790
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“How do you make an effective presentation? It all comes down to head, hands and heart. How you prepare and structure a presentation and connect with your audience determines your success. Together we will use your actual presentations to ensure you are engaging and effective.”

Matt Schmid

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