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Delegating for results

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delegating for results

Letting go of tasks and responsibilities is one of the biggest challenges facing new managers and team leaders. After all, it’s probably easier and quicker to do it yourself, right? Plus you know how busy your team is, don’t you? This seminar, focused on delegation training, challenges you to reflect on your assumptions, identify your barriers and build a plan of action – thereby increasing your and your team’s impact on your organization.

Who’s it for?

This seminar is for all managers looking to develop their, and their team’s impact through effective delegation.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • defined your role as a manager
  • established clear objectives and priorities for yourself and your teams
  •  understood the benefits of delegating
  • overcome your personal obstacles to delegating
  • built a framework for successfully delegating
  • learned how to develop your own team through delegating

What is covered in delegation training?

  • Understanding your role as a manager
  • Using different management styles – situational leadership in context
  • Tasking and delegating and their benefits
  • Understanding your current behavior
  • Recognizing excuses for poor delegation
  • Overcoming the barriers to delegation
  • Identifying tasks to delegate—the delegation onion
  • Applying the 5 stages of the delegation process
  • Using clear communication skills for effective briefing
  • Balancing responsibility and accountability
  • Monitoring systems for ease of mind
  • Developing employees through delegation
Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 3540
scott levey target training

“Finding a way to communicate a message so that it is heard and taken on board is key to influencing others. Yet, too often people are reluctant to do this for fear of not being true to themselves. Helping participants overcome this and remain confident and authentic is challenging and rewarding.”

Scott Levey

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