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Delivering results through collaborative technologies

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delivering results collaborative technologies

Videoconferences, teleconferences and network technologies are key tools in daily business. This seminar develops your skills when using them so you can deliver the results you need.

Who’s it for?

This experiential seminar is aimed at professionals looking to develop their confidence and language skills when using network technologies, and when leading and taking part in videoconferences and teleconferences. Typical participants want to ensure results through effective group communication, maintaining focus, minimizing confusion and managing the time available.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • gained confidence when working with collaborative technologies
  • deepened your understanding of the opportunities and threats collaborative technologies bring to effective communication
  • mastered the skills necessary to lead and guide others when working with collaborative technologies in English
  • transferred practical strategies to ensure your meetings are clear and effective
  • developed strategies for managing challenging situations or people
  • practiced keeping track of people, actions points and decisions
  • built a toolbox of language to improve understanding and clarification across the group

What’s covered?

Using a coaching approach, this seminar looks at:

  • appreciating challenges and opportunities
  • ensuring active participation
  • building common understanding and clarity
  • managing behaviors and situations
  • keeping the discussions effective
  • presenting details effectively
  • discussing and resolving challenging problems
  • taking minutes
  • summarizing, concluding and identifying action points

Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 1520
paul laidlaw target training

“A key point we work on is that virtual meetings have many similarities to face-to-face ones. The trick is to transfer your face-to-face skills into the virtual environment so that you can overcome the limitations of remote conferencing. We’ll look at the challenges you’ll face and the strategies and language you’ll need.”

Paul Laidlaw

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