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What is event coaching?

Event coaching is targeted training which prepares you for a specific upcoming event, e.g. a presentation, a workshop or a negotiation. Event coaching is driven by the outcome that you are hoping to achieve.

Who is event coaching for?

If you have an important event coming up and you don’t want your English to hold you back, then coaching could be the answer. Specifically, if you are under time pressure and want training that is very relevant, event coaching is ideal.

You will benefit from Target coaching when:

    • You have a working knowledge of English (minimum CEFR B1)
    • You have a specific task to perform in an international context
    • You want the confidence to do the best job you possibly can
    • You believe a superior performance in English will positively impact your business
    • You are under time pressure

What does event coaching look like?

A typical coaching session starts with a discussion of your upcoming event, your desired outcome and areas that you are concerned about. With our help and input, you will then prepare for the event. When you are ready, you can practice the event with us. We will give you feedback and guidance throughout the process to help you adapt your message before you really need to go out and give your best.

With our help, you will prepare, practice and perform to the best of your ability!

A few examples of recent coaching sessions

Speaking at a conference

A head of a marketing department for a global automotive supplier was travelling to Australia for a conference. He wanted to be prepared for an important speech that he had to give to suppliers, customers and government representatives. Our coaching helped him to prepare and practice for the event.

Negotiations in Norway

A saleswoman for an engineering firm was heading to Norway for an important meeting with a potential customer. Our coaching helped her to prepare for the trip in general and, more importantly, to prepare for the negotiation. We helped her prepare possible questions and answers and then role-play the negotiation, trying out different scenarios.

Preparing for a job interview

A resource manager in Germany needed to conduct a job interview with an Iraqi over the phone. To help him prepare for this, he went through the applicant’s CV with the coach. They discussed the pros and cons of the applicant and discussed the sort of questions that would come up during the interview. When they were ready, they role-played the interview several times to make sure that he was ready for all eventualities.

Where does coaching take place?

Coaching generally takes place in your offices. Our coach comes to you to help you prepare, practice and refine your performance in advance.

Alternatively, our coaches can work remotely; you could be coached over the phone or via Webex for example. The point is that the coaching can flexibly meet your needs.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are qualified trainers with a strong background in business. They combine business experience with training expertise to ensure that you get what you need.

Our coaches base their methods, the activities, and time-frames on your specific needs and goals to give you the best all-round advice and feedback.