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Facilitating meetings and workshops

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Facilitating meetings and workshops

A confident and effective facilitator enables others to maximize their contribution by creating a supportive and outcome-oriented environment. As management styles evolve, and collaborative teams become the norm, facilitation has become an increasingly important competency for managers and specialists.

Who’s it for?

Our practice-oriented seminar on facilitating meetings and workshops is for managers and specialists who currently, or expect to, facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences with a multinational group. Typical participants are looking to build their confidence when facing the unexpected and acquire new tools to deliver outcome-oriented workshops.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • developed your understanding and appreciation of the role of the facilitator and the benefits that effective facilitation offers
  • developed a checklist for effectively preparing to facilitate
  • practiced a wide range of facilitation methods
  • developed and implemented a process for facilitating
  • prepared to manage the unexpected
  • set the scene for transferring newly acquired skills back to your workplace

What’s covered?

  • Facilitating – what does it really mean?
  • Valuing the benefits of effective facilitating
  • Identifying key values, attitudes, skills and behaviors needed by an effective facilitator
  • Setting the scene for successful facilitation
  • Understanding the facilitation rainbow
  • Selecting and implementing appropriate facilitation methods
  • Sharpening fundamental communication skills
  • Validating, valuing and giving feedback
  • Revitalizing the group
  • Managing difficult people in difficult situations
  • Mastering the facilitation process
  • Transferring training into the work place
Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 2790
chris slattery target training

“Meetings and workshops are most effective when someone is looking out for the process and the people involved in them. A facilitator needs to appreciate the range of structures and techniques to apply them. Being able to handle difficult situations is also key. In this seminar you will have a chance to observe and practice key facilitating skills through hands-on activities.”

Chris Slattery

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