InCorporate Trainer – How does it work?

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Evaluate the InCorporate Trainer approach to in-house English training

Your InCorporate Trainer is embedded inside your company

This means we are based in your offices, with a desk alongside your teams. This integration enables us to:

  1. deliver on-the-job support at your desk,
  2. which leads to you receiving practical, specific feedback,
  3. which means your group- and 1-1 training is relevant and targeted,
  4. and this secures the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Expect Innovation

This innovative training methodology ensures we can help you work more effectively and efficiently in English, whether it be delivering clearer presentations, participating in meetings with more confidence, or exchanging information faster and more accurately via email.

A day in the life of Gary Anello…

An InCorporate Trainer’s story

Jennie has been part of our team since 2009. During that time she has worked exclusively with a software R&D client delivering in-house English training as an InCorporate Trainer. There are 110 participants on her program based in different offices.

1. Delivering on-the-job support

Jennie shadowed a specification review meeting between 5 German developers and their 4 Indian colleagues.  Just being in the room for the last 20 minutes of the meeting encouraged the learners to consider and implement some of the more recent training on the language and communication techniques for meetings.  This had an immediate and positive influence on the participants’ performance and made the meeting leaner and more efficient.

2. Giving feedback

Following the meeting, Jennie took 10 minutes to give some feedback on what she’d seen, and reviewed and expanded on the common mistakes and problems.  She also highlighted the two areas where most participants struggled – disagreeing diplomatically, and trying to explain complex opinions. Jennie then spoke individually with Thomas, the team leader moderating the meeting, about boosting his moderation skills in English.  Finally Jennie returned to her desk and the next day sent out written feedback on the common errors, useful phrases that could be used next time and some self-study tasks.  This feedback reinforced the learning and connected it to actual business needs.

3. Ensuring classroom training is relevant and targeted

Over the next two months, Jennie focused on helping the client make  their meetings more productive and more efficient. She worked closely with the engineers to practice key language, in role-plays and in their actual meetings.  Additionally the engineers set up a database of phrases which they began to fill with useful expressions they used and heard others using.

4. Transferring learning to the workplace

Finally, as agreed in advance with the department managers, Jennie actively drove and supported the transfer of the learning to the workplace. She did this through ongoing shadowing, offering brief refreshers directly before critical project meetings, and encouraging the line manager to ensure participants had the opportunity to practice the new skills.  This meant that the learning transferred to the workplace leading to a tangible improvement in the quality and outcomes of the clients meetings and teleconferences.


Jennie has been training internationally since 1996. With a BA and MA in English Teaching, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her business English training, ensuring it is tailor-made and engaging. Over the last few years she’s also learnt an awful lot about instrumentation & control systems for power plants.

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