InCorporate Trainer – Why should you talk to us?

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3 simple reasons why you can trust us to meet your in-house business English needs

We’ve been delivering in-house business English training solutions since 1995

This is our core business and our core competence. Over the last two decades we’ve learnt with and from our clients. You can benefit from this experience. You can be confident in your choice. You’ll be implementing a proven solution with an experienced specialist provider.

Our trainers are consistently among the very best in this business

Training is about people making the trainer the most important quality factor. We recruit internationally to attract top trainers from around the world.  Our highly attractive conditions, long-term employment and training and development opportunities, make us a top employer. You can be confident that your training is delivered by a qualified, experienced and committed professional trainer.

We are very easy to work with

Our clients are multinational businesses and NGOs with their own established processes and systems.  We work with your systems and processes, adapting to your purchasing, administration and HR requirements. Our in-house business English training solutions are managed by dedicated program and account managers who act as a central contact point for all questions and ideas.

Our internal processes are reliable, robust and established. We are currently preparing for ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 29990 certification (Learning services for non-formal education and training – Basic requirements for service providers)

You can be confident that our supporting processes are followed, and that you personally know who you’ll be talking to when you need assistance.

And a few more:

    • We’re training enthusiasts and it is this passion that makes your training engaging, motivating and fun.
    • We’ve worked with a broad range of industries and functions.
    • We can easily slot into your training approach, whether it be a single project or covering all of your business English, soft skills and intercultural needs.
    • We supply solutions across Germany and neighbouring countries.  We’ve also helped our clients with projects in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.