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As organizations become flatter and matrix structures become more common, many managers and specialists are looking for new approaches to getting things done. The ability to influence others is key to making an impact in this environment.

Who’s it for?

This highly practical seminar is aimed at line managers and specialists whose success depends on influencing others without using formal authority. Typical participants want to communicate more effectively to make an impact and get themselves heard even though they may not have a formal position within the decision-making process.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • understood what influencing is, and is not
  • reflected on the importance of proactively influencing colleagues, partners and clients to benefit your organization
  • identified your specific influencing preferences and behaviors
  • familiarized yourself with key factors of successful influencing
  • practiced using a range of tools and techniques in influencing situations
  • grown in confidence and prepared to transfer new skills to the workplace

What’s covered?

Using a coaching approach, this workshop looks at:

what makes an effective influencer?

  • the Brent & Dent model of influencing (Discover-Decide-Do-Review)
  • flexing your style – push, pull and fishing with strawberries
  • directive, persuasive, collaborative and visionary approaches
  • adapting to the environment in which you are influencing
  • understanding your partner and your relationship with them
  • the INFLUENCER model of skills and behaviors
  • the power of listening

tools , techniques and language:

  • effective questions
  • shared rewards
  • appreciative inquiry
  • storytelling
Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 3100
scott levey target training

“Finding a way to communicate a message so that it is heard and taken on board is key to influencing others, yet too often people are reluctant to do this for fear of not being true to themselves. Helping participants overcome this and remain confident and authentic is challenging and rewarding.”

Scott Levey

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