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Interviewing is one of the best ways to gather information for a whole variety of purposes. Interviewing skills support your decision making through uncovering and gathering information . This seminar uses role-plays and feedback to develop proven interviewing techniques you can use in your workplace.

Who’s it for?

This experiential seminar is designed for all professionals who need to sharpen their interviewing skills. Recent participants have included HR specialists, quality managers, auditors, purchasers and line managers.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • internalized the 10 golden rules for successful interviewing
  • reviewed and reinforced proven interviewing techniques
  • built up a toolbox of essential interviewing language
  • gained an understanding of the impact culture plays on the interview process and outcome
  • transferred best-practice into your current interviewing environment

What’s covered?

  • Understanding the importance of an interviewer’s behavior
  • Identifying model characteristics of an effective interviewer
  • Appreciating the influence cultural differences can have on the interview process
  • Facilitating the interview process
  • Planning for success—implementing a preparation guideline
  • Building rapport
  • Identifying and exploiting different types of questions
  • Appreciating the skill of listening
  • Overcoming blocks to effective listening
  • Evaluating verbal and non-verbal behavior
  • Drilling down, looping, closing
  • Testing understanding
  • Recognizing indicators of deception, stalling and smoke screen
  • Applying documentation techniques
  • Putting it into practice with critical incident analysis
Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 3100

“Truth is a function of trust. If we want to find the truth through an interview, it’s important to develop the right level of trust. We can get there with specific ways to build rapport, express honesty, question, and show we are listening. We’ll focus on these ways and others to get the truths we need to be efficient and effective.”

Eve Turner