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Negotiating is the process of getting what we want from people who don’t have a direct interest in giving it to us. It is a process that is complicated by personalities, hierarchies and perceived power. By mastering a range of negotiating skills, you can ensure that the process runs effectively to drive opportunities and resolve problems.

Who’s it for?

This experiential seminar is ideal for all professionals who need to develop their skills, confidence and outcomes when negotiating with customers, suppliers and colleagues both internally and externally. The program is aimed primarily at professionals already engaged in finding negotiated solutions.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • reviewed the key principles, skills and processes required for successful negotiations
  • developed a sustainable approach for preparing and planning
  • acquired effective communication techniques
  • recognized when and how to close the negotiation – or to walk away
  • developed a personal approach that is authentic and effective

What’s covered?

  • Planning for success by identifying your objectives, limits and tradables
  • Understanding the human and behavioral aspects of negotiations
  • Dealing with objections and getting past “no”
  • Uncovering needs and priorities through questioning techniques
  • Creating and claiming value
  • Dealing with difficult partners
  • Dealing with deadlock
  • Achieving win-win without meeting in the middle
  • Reading between the lines and hearing what is not said
  • Repackaging a proposal
  • Closing the negotiation
Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 3100

Recent participants said…

“Very interactive and participant minded and really brings the techniques and ideas into our daily environment.”

“Very instructive – this will definitely improve the quality of our communication with prospective clients.”

“I can use everything we practiced in my next meeting with our Ukrainian supplier.”

“Thanks for everything! It has been a real pleasure and the training was exactly what I wanted.”

“I really enjoyed your seminar and learned some very useful techniques. Absolutely the right content for my team’s needs.”

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