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networking in english

Socializing and networking can be very uncomfortable for many of us – and having to do it in English can be even more stressful! By sharing simple tools and techniques, this seminar will help you expand your personal and professional network, and give you more confidence when meeting and making conversation with others.

Who’s it for?

This practical seminar is suitable for all professionals needing to grow in confidence when socializing and networking in English.

What are your outcomes?

By the end of the training intervention you will have:

  • reflected on your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • acquired practical tips and techniques for socializing and networking
  • built a language toolbox for socializing and networking
  • grown in confidence when socializing and networking

 What’s covered?

  • Understanding yourself in a socializing and networking context
  • Showing interest in others
  • Starting conversations with authentic icebreakers and small talk
  • Being a great listener
  • Putting others at ease and keeping conversations going
  • Using authentic questioning techniques to create more meaningful conversations
  • Asking for what you want without feeling pushy or fearing rejection
  • Key language and structures for being entertained and entertaining others
  • Meeting the people you want to meet
  • Entering conversations already in progress and introducing others
  • Leaving a conversation
  • Following up to get what you need
  • Networking via social media

Participant rating
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Investment:  € 1520
matt schmid target training

“I fully appreciate that the  unpredictability of social and networking events makes learners nervous. My goal is to give you practical strategies and tips to help you relax and focus on the people you are talking to – and not your English.”

Matt Schmid

Customized for CEF level:

B1, B2

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