• We try to base everything we do on four simple values…

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Training quality comes first and foremost from trainers and is then supported through effective products, services and processes. Our positioning and remuneration mean we can attract some of the best trainers in the industry, and deliver the most specific and transferrable training possible.

Our staff are supported via proven products, services and processes. We are DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 29990 certified.  ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised certification for organizations who have implemented a quality management system requirements for all areas of the business. Companies with ISO 9001 certification are well run and consistently apply the process of continual improvement (CIP).

ISO 29990 is a Quality Management certificate designed specifically for training providers like us. As an ISO 29990 certified company we have had to show that:

  • we’ve established the needs of both the client (who orders the training) and the learner taking part
  • these needs are reflected in the learning program we provide
  • we provide an on-going feedback loop to ensure that both clients’ and learners’ needs are met
  • we have an effective process in place to adapt the training in the light of feedback provided

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We aim to be the best in our industry, delivering training which meets your needs.


We have developed into a company that sees its clients as partners. Our success is through your continued success and growth. For this reason, we strive to always act in a fair, transparent and responsive manner. We adapt to your changing situations, adopt your administrative processes and work hand-in-hand with our contacts in learning & development and purchasing.

The mutual respect and trust which we have with our clients is the foundation on which we grow.  It is for these reasons that we are a Strategic Partner at Robert Bosch GmbH and a Partner of Choice at Deutsche Post DHL.

We have been delivering training solutions since 1994. The majority of our clients have been with us since the beginning.


We use the latest proven training methodologies, technologies, techniques and tools which we then adapt to fit your situation and your needs.  We maintain this edge by keeping up-to-date with thought-leaders within our industry and benchmarking best-practices in training, human resources and learning & development.

Finally, we ensure that you benefit by sharing best-practice experiences and initiatives.

We strive to be the most relevant that we can be by looking for opportunities to grow and develop in all that we do.


We support you in assessing and displaying results through a robust chain of evidence. The key to this chain of evidence is to be found in the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Learning Evaluation.

Our certified experts can support you in looking at training success using all four levels:

        1. Participant satisfaction – how the participants experienced the training?
        1. Learning – what information or knowledge has been learned?
        1. Behavior – How do participants apply what they have learned at the workplace?
        1. Results – What impact does the improved performance have on the business?

Our continued success is based on your results. It’s not what you know that counts, but what you can actually do.