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Apologizing via email – phrases

Every medium has a different impact, every person has different preferences on how they want to receive/give an apology. In the end, just remember, apologizing is going to make you seem human, regardless of the outcome.


Essential English phrases for purchasers

“I need to do my job in English more and more” said one of my participants in a purchasing department. She was a lead buyer at a manufacturing company who had seen her company go through a rapid internationalization process when they merged. Global purchasing means that many purchasers now need to work comfortably and […]


Softening your phrases in business communication

English is much less direct than German. If you say “Ich kann nicht am Treffen teilnehmen, da ich zur Zeit beschäftigt bin”, your German colleagues will have no problems with how you communicated that information. However, using that sentence (I’m too busy to come to the meeting) with your English partner/colleague may cause problems in […]


20 phrases for closing an email

Originally published on 08.07.2013 A common problem We often hear how writing emails in English can cost just too much time. One solution that works for many people is to begin building a “toolbox” of useful phrases.  A toolbox is a simple idea – you just start keeping a list of common and useful expressions […]


Meeting Phrases: Disagreeing politely and diplomatically

How do you disagree with colleagues in meetings? You’re in an international meeting with people from all over the world and it’s time for you to agree or disagree with the solutions being offered. Unfortunately, you can only agree on one solution – so you have to disagree with someone. However, disagreeing with a colleague […]


Giving Constructive Criticism: Phrases and Tips

How are you at giving constructive criticism? Giving praise to someone, for example on a job well done, is easy and direct: “Well done!” – but what about doing the opposite, giving constructive criticism when someone’s performance is unsatisfactory? The problem is that if the constructive criticism you give is too negative or direct, you […]


Clarification Emails: Structure and Phrases

How do you write your clarification emails? How many times have you gotten an email and asked yourself: What is this person trying to say?  What do they want exactly?  This has happened to all of us at some point in our jobs.  Even though this situation may be unavoidable, there are ways to respond […]


Saying Goodbye: Email Phrases

What are you writing when saying goodbye in emails? We need to say goodbye a lot. It sounds like a really easy thing to do, doesn’t it? But there are different situations in which we need to write emails for saying goodbye. Do you say the same thing to the colleague who is going on […]


Expressing Congratulations: Email phrases

Do you need some ideas on expressing congratulations to colleagues? Expressing congratulations when something positive happens in the personal and professional lives of your colleagues and clients is a useful business skill. When you extend your sincere congratulations, you send the message that you care about what happens in the lives of others, even if […]


Meeting Rooms: Phrases for Booking Conflicts

Do you ever have someone using the meeting rooms that you booked? Have you experienced conflicts with the meeting rooms in your company? Imagine this situation: you’ve done hours of preparation for a meeting with your customer. Your slides, documents and ideas are in perfect order and you’re feeling confident. You meet your client in […]


Condolence Emails: Phrases and Structure

Writing condolence emails can be difficult Have you ever had to write a condolence email to a colleague?  Writing to people about these topics obviously requires considerable diplomacy and the right choice of words. Broadly speaking most condolence emails have three steps. (Often only one sentence each). 3 Steps for writing condolence emails 1.  Acknowledge […]


Holiday Greetings: Quick Email Phrases

Have you sent your holiday greetings to all your colleagues, suppliers, and customers? It’s that time of year again. People keep dropping by my desk to ask what they should write in their emails they want to send out before the holiday period ahead of us. There isn’t really one set thing that you have […]


Female Management Quotas: Key Terms and Phrases

Female management quotas are currently a hot topic in Germany What is the approach in your company towards having a quota for the percentage of women in management positions? The opinions on this topic are wide and very relevant in that Germany’s coalition has recently agreed to set a 30% target of women for supervisory […]


Presentation Introduction Phrases Toolbox

Key to success Making an effective presentation introduction is key to the success of your presentation. Not only will it give you confidence and a strong foundation to build on, it will also instill confidence in the listener, showing them that you are well prepared and have taken the presentation seriously. So how do you […]


Email Phrases: Getting the Tone Right

Adapting your message It can be difficult to know what email phrases to use in your business emails. This depends on whom your audience is, and if the business situation is formal or informal.  You don’t want your emails to make a business partner uncomfortable, so it is important to use the correct email phrases […]


Evaluating an Idea: Quick Email Phrases

What do you think? Evaluating an idea without causing offense can be challenging at times. Often it is a colleague, client or your boss who wants to know what you think of an idea. Sometimes you think it’s great, sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you’re going to need to know more before you can respond. […]