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Prioritizing Work: 4 Categories to Help

4 Simple categories to help in prioritizing work Prioritizing work can be a challenge for anyone, especially managers. I have just returned to work after being on holiday for two weeks. After reading all of my emails and speaking to my colleagues, I now have a huge to-do list. In the past, I wouldn’t have […]

Asking Good Questions in Presentations

3 Quick tips on asking good questions in presentations Asking good questions during a presentation can be difficult. If you haven’t understood a point in the presentation, it is likely that other people in the audience will be thinking the same as you. You don’t want to leave the presentation with a question mark in […]

Presentation Introduction Phrases Toolbox

Key to success Making an effective presentation introduction is key to the success of your presentation. Not only will it give you confidence and a strong foundation to build on, it will also instill confidence in the listener, showing them that you are well prepared and have taken the presentation seriously. So how do you […]

Apologising in Business: Quick Tips

In any language, apologising in business is one of the hardest things that anyone has to do. It’s not always easy admitting that we are wrong. If we are not careful, apologies can quickly turn into excuses, and eventually switch from “I’m sorry for what I did” to “I’m sorry you feel that way!” Reasons […]