Giving Feedback

Giving feedback can be difficult, even if your comments are well-meant. However, there are some useful strategies which can help deal with this tricky topic.

  1. Say why you think something is valuable or well-done.


I think that you handled the team dynamics problem very well because the working climate is much better now and the team is working together in a way which wasn’t possible previously.

  1. Consider the difference between objective feedback and subjective feedback and choose the most appropriate one for the situation.


Objective feedback: The increased number of registrations for the upcoming workshop seems to show that we are on the right track.

Subjective feedback: The topics for the upcoming workshop are really fantastic.

  1. Be careful of the tone in your voice and the words you use.

Example: Why did you choose this topic? vs. I’m not certain I understand why you chose this topic.

  1. Suggest ways to consider strengthening the work.

Example: Perhaps we could consider adding a questionnaire to the end of the workshop so participants can give their feedback. I think it would make it more comprehensive.

Now listen to the audio recordings and decide which strategy is being demonstrated.


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