The DESC Model – Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is a critical part of assessing work performance. When we give useful feedback in a diplomatic way, we strengthen our working relationships and help people to reach their goals.

The DESC model

This model is designed to help you to get your message clear and it can even take the stress out of the feedback conversation for those of us that weren’t born with effective feedback-giving skills.


Give an objective and concrete description of what you have observed using “I” statements.


Explain the effect or impact it had on your business, the team or its members. If the effect was an emotion, name it. Your body language and tone of voice will already be showing your elation or frustration – putting them out in the open can help you move things forward.

       SOLUTION or Say thank you

Build the solution through a directive (“What I would like you to do next time is …”) or a participative approach (“What do you think we can do to avoid this next time?”).


Build a “contract of commitment”. Check your understanding of what has been agreed, and get commitment for the future.

 Listen to the examples of positive and negative feedback using the DESC model:



Solution or say thank you


Choose the correct phrase below that best fits with each step of the DESC model. This will test your understanding of the model, and give you some useful language to use at work the next time you give feedback.

1. Description


2. Effect


3. Solution


4. Conclusion


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