Being effective in a hybrid workplace

Practical, transferable and engaging training solutions for you and your team(s)

Working with others

Working in virtual teams

In this hybrid environment it is critical to rethink and sharpen the way we cooperate, collaborate and communicate to deliver results. Develop key skills and behaviors to be an effective virtual team player.

Improve your communication, build awareness for your personal preference when it comes to team roles, and ensure you and your virtual team delivers the results.

Presenting in a virtual environment

Develop a fresh approach for planning your virtual presentations, and use effective techniques to keep your audience focused on you and your message. Connect with emotion, energy and authenticity, deliver with confidence in a virtual environment, and develop practical solutions for the typical challenges of presenting virtually.

Managing conflict in virtual teams

Working virtually can lead to behaviours being magnified, intentions are misread and opinions are formed. Increase the level of commitment each team member has to the team and to each other, develop your active listening skills for interaction within a virtual environment, and establish a safe environment for sharing information.

Mastering difficult discussions in a virtual workplace

Understand what makes a difficult conversation difficult, challenge your assumptions and develop essential behaviors for doing difficult conversations well in a  virtual environment.

Leading others

Leading people and teams who are working from home

Compare yourself against best-practices for managing people and teams no matter where they are based. Learn how to build trust, motivate and enhance accountability in the new normal.

Building psychological safety

Who doesn’t want to build trust, increase confidence and creativity and boost productivity?  Building psychological safety in your teams is a must in challenging times. Learn where to start and how to maintain it.

Leading people in times of change and uncertainty

Learning to recognize the emotional impact change is having on your people and teams is the first step to successfully leading them through it. This training provides practical strategies and techniques for leaders so you can keep your people focused, motivated and engaged through times of uncertainty and a changing environment.

Developing purpose in virtual teams

When we don’t build meaningful connections virtual teamwork suffers. Developing purpose in virtual teams can be the answer, and this practical training shows your how.

Leading effective virtual teams

Identify and practice the core competencies you need to lead a virtual team with confidence Develop practical strategies and practice using real-world tools for leading teams virtually.

Leading people in a virtual environment

Measure yourself against the 7 key competencies every great virtual manager needs. Then build practical skills for leading and developing people and teams in a virtual or hybrid environment.

Looking after yourself and others

Practical strategies for working from home

Build personal strategies for managing your energy and focus in a home office environment. Create real-world solutions for dealing with your specific challenges.  Find your balance.

Building a Growth Mindset

Identify practices to build and sustain a growth mindset for yourself and those around you. Encourage innovation and agility in challenging times and support resilient behaviors – in yourself and others.


Understand and adopt assertive behaviors to help yourself and your teams succeed in the new normal. This program offers practical advice and tools to help you develop yourself self-confidence – benefiting both you and your organization.

Desk Yoga

Yoga is a great way to improve your mental, emotional and physical awareness. Only 15 minutes long, these sessions aim to help you reduce stress and fatigue, increase energy and concentration and to promote personal well-being and team spirit.


Meditation trains your awareness and attention and helps you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally balanced state. Only 15 minutes long, these session aim to help you to relax, create positivity, and increase your self-awareness.

20 ways to enjoy your job more

Discover 20 practical approaches, techniques and tools to enjoy your job more on a daily basis. Leave your desk with a spring in your step and the confidence to do things differently!

Resilience and looking after yourself in challenging times

Explore what resilience really means for you, how you can build the mental habits you need, and practice strategies for proactively maintaining focus and energy in challenging times.


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