Blended Learning

With blended learning you have complete ownership over the “place, path, and pace” of the online components.


Most learning is done in the online environment. Face-to-face teaching is available for small groups and individuals as needed.

Face-to-Face driver

Most of the training is delivered face-to-face. We use online resources to supplement and/or revise training material.

Rotation & flipped training

You move between a period of face-to-face training and learning online.

Is Blended Learning the right solution for you?

Why use this approach?

Face-to-face learning has advantages and disadvantages. While many people really value the trainer and peer contact, attendance can be sporadic as the fixed training dates compete with other business priorities, plus travel and accommodation costs play a factor. Likewise, e-learning brings advantages and disadvantages. The greatest challenge is keeping people motivated with a purely technology-driven approach.

Blended learning offers you the best of both worlds

Combine the best of face-to-face training with e-learning and distance learning solutions. Activities that often take place during face-to-face training time can be moved online, freeing up more time for valuable practical exercises.

  • You benefit from high-impact face-to-face training.
  • You build networks with peers, sharing ideas and experience.
  • Your trainer motivates you, on- and off-line.
  • You can fit online training around your schedule.
  • You have ownership over the “place, path, and pace” of the online components.
  • You can make significant cost-savings.

We work with you to integrate your e-learning platform with our face-to-face training

Key messages are identified and reinforced, you get support and direction regarding which e-learning resources to use, and if necessary additional content can be developed. You maximize the benefit of your e-learning system plus boost the impact of the face-to-face training.

Blended Learning solutions that suit you

We can source e-learning solutions that meet your training needs

We can help you find an off-the-shelf e-learning solution or learning management system that fits your needs and budgets. We then integrate this e-learning solution into your training program, to deliver all the benefits of a blended-learning solution.

You can join our training community

We use a variety of tools to complement training programs. Our training experts will give you a wide-range of activities, resources and community events, helping to make your training effective and flexible. You then have the best of both worlds while keeping costs low.

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