Customized Training Solutions

Build the right training solution for your business.

Developed to match your specific business needs and objectives.

Develop practical skills, knowledge and behaviours that are directly transferable to your workplace.

We work closely with you throughout the training design and development. You retain control throughout.

Is customized training the right solution for you?

The benefits

You receive action-oriented, high impact and relevant training. We combine our subject matter, training experience and cross-cultural expertise with your industry knowledge to ensure that the training mirrors your reality. Our customized training solutions are realistic: designed and developed around your business needs and requirements. This drives the transfer of training to your workplace, making your investment much more effective.

How does it work?

We work with you to define your outcomes. We listen to you, seeking to understand your learning culture, what has worked well in the past, and any challenges you anticipate (attitudes, availability, etc.) We’ll share what we know, based on our (and our clients’) experiences. We support you in communicating context, expectations and outcomes to participants and managers. We use practical training methodologies that motivate, challenge and develop you. Our focus is on doing rather than telling.

We work in partnership with you

Customized and targeted training has represented the largest part of our business since 1994. Our customized training solutions range from gentle modifications reflecting your priorities to a fully customized training program, developed with you from scratch.

Target Training

An inspiring and motivating seminar on facilitation skills

I have to emphasize three aspects of our seminar: a) Our coach managed it to create a comfortable, yet very productive learning environment, b) had prepared many exercises to directly practice what we discussed just before, and c) had found a very good balance between our limited seminar time and adequate learning content.  Putting it in a nutshell: We had a lot fun and received a highly practical training! Thumbs up!

S. Stuetz – Seminar Participant

Target Training

Individuelle proffesionelle Betreung

Die Arbeit mit Target spiegelt eine individuelle proffesionelle Betreung jedes einzelnen Studenten dar. Meine Unterricht ist auf mich speziell zugeschnitten und die freundliche und kompetente Art der Trainer erzeugt eine Atmosphäre die den grösst Möglichen Lernerfolg ermöglicht. Target hilft mir bei den täglichen Aufgaben im Beruf, Mails schreiben, Briefe verfassen, Vertragstexte besser verstehen usw. Rundum bin ich mit Target sehr zufrieden und werde Sie weiterempfehlen an meine Kollegen und Freunde.

Daniel Kryczka – Project Manager

Target Training

A great company to work with

Working with Target Training is a real pleasure. It’s wonderful when a provider listens to your needs, develops the training around those needs and can adjust and fine tune the training to ensure that it is fit for purpose. No demands were too great. The training team were extremely professional, knowledgeable and were able to keep the participants engaged at all times. Which is quite essential for an all day training session. From inception to delivery, Target Training were exemplary.

J. Whytehorn – Training Manager

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