Digital Detox – managing yourself in a digital world

Leadership & Management Skills Training

Build a real-world digital detox and digital use strategy.
Reforge your relationships with digital devices and regain focus.
Make social agreements to support digital control.

Digital Detox – managing yourself in a digital world

Many employees are spending over 11 hours a day connected to digital media! Virtual teams, time zones, flexible hours and unspoken (or misread) expectations all contribute towards being “on” in an instant .. and this overuse of digital devices can impact performance and commitment to lack of sleep and restfulness, anxiety, inability to focus and reduced productivity. This training supports you in building a real-world digital detox and digital use strategy. Reforge your relationships with digital devices, regain focus and build quality relationships with the people around you.

Your outcomes

  • Strategies to balance your digital time
  • When and why do you want to use which digital tools?
  • Using the right tools for the right purpose
  • Making social agreements to support digital control
  • Monitoring and sustaining a healthy digital use plan
  • Virtual Delivery

  • Modular Delivery

  • Face to face Delivery

Training content

  • Understanding the benefits of a digital detox for you, your organization and your clients
  • Identifying a process for a digital detox that will work for you
  • Sustainable processes to permanently limit your digital time
  • Identifying your challenges to unplugging digitally – yourself, colleagues, managers, organization, time zones, boss
  • Applying countermeasures for your digital challenges
  • Developing a network of support for your detox communicating and holding each other accountable
  • Decoupling “work” and “digital”
  • Evaluating the benefits coming from your digital detox
  • Creating commitment and accountability for sustainable change
  • Managing your and others’ expectations
  • Celebrating your digital detox success
  • Customized for specific audience

  • Supported by guided learning / elearning

  • Adapt and intergrate in existing program

  • Flexible group size

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