Getting things done when you’re not in charge

Interpersonal Skills Training

About this training

Multinational teams and cross functional projects put us in the position of having to getting things done without the authority of leadership positions.This training is for all professionals who want to make an impact and get things done. Sometimes we even need to manage our own leaders! This workshop will explore models and skills necessary to build the power, relationship and synergy necessary to get things done without authority.

Make an impact and get things done without the authority of a leadership position.

Your outcomes

  • Understand the six sources of power and their own power
  • Learn about your preferred influencing style
  • Analyse specific workplace situations for opportunities to lead without being the leader
  • Identify opportunities where you can lead without being the leader
  • Acquire practical tools and techniques to help you get things done in your workplace
  • Commit to making sustainable changes when back at work – one step at a time

Training content

  • Drawing on the 6 Sources of Power. Authority is only one source of power—how are you with the other five?
  • Flexing 4 influencing styles. Your influencing style and how to authentically integrate other approaches
  • Diving DEEP to deal with collegial conflict
  • Enhancing commitment from the sidelines
  • Building safe environments
  • Knowing when to say “when”—dealing with obstacles
  • Using tools and techniques that really work
  • Addressing your real situations
  • Planning to go forward – practical advice to make long lasting changes

Learn to lead without being the leader.

Practical tools and techniques to help you get things done in your workplace.

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Email Models

Includes English phrases that will help you state your message plain and clear

This eBook is a collection of easy to remember structures that you can use when you write emails. Use S.O.A.P for making recommendations, follow S.C.R.A.P when complaining and A.C.T to confirm agreements – for example.

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Interpersonal Skills