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Writing Skills Training

This seminar will help you turn your passion for writing into creating content that your readers are passionate about. Online content needs to be tidy and conversational as well as outcome-oriented. Readers will click away if you can’t keep them engaged (“hooked”) in the content. There are often keywords involved and at a higher level, there is content strategy and content planning to consider. This hands-on seminar is aimed at everyone who is looking to develop their content writing skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a personal process to help you to write with your reader in mind.
  • Adopt simple approaches and practical models for structuring your content.
  • Learn how to write clear, concise and complete content which reflects your voice, tone and brand.
  • Acquire practical tips and tricks to help your readers quickly find the information they want.
  • Developed the skills to edit your own writing.
  • Turned intentions into actions by writing a piece of content.

Typical training topics

  • Identifying the similarities and differences between business writing and writing for the web.
  • Developing a personal process to help you prepare to write with your reader in mind:
    • reflecting on your reader’s persona and their needs
    • focusing on building persona-specific conversations
  • Selecting the appropriate model to structure your article.
  • Outlining to avoid filler content.
  • Catching your reader’s interest with the right headline, headings and sub-headings.
  • Getting started with your introduction.
  • Knowing what clear, concise and complete looks like.
  • Implementing practical tips and tricks to support your reader (incl. lists, tables, graphs and graphics).
  • Editing for readability.
  • Building a style guide to ensure consistency.
  • Applying ideas to reality – writing an article in 40 minutes or less.

Our training with Target was a great experience. The trainer provided us with lots of ideas and more concrete knowledge about online writing. From our team of five, three people were new to writing for an online audience, but everybody learned a lot and the seminar gave us more confidence.”


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