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The enthusiasm and commitment we draw upon when delivering training solutions is mirrored in our philanthropic activities. We encourage and enable our team to either directly or indirectly use their skills and knowledge to help charitable organizations. More often than not, this simultaneously strengthens them, our clients and our company as a whole.

Know-How 4 Charity (KH4C)

Know-How 4 Charity (KH4C), is an example of how we combine philanthropy with personal and professional development. Twice per year, each trainer team “donates” their very best training materials to Target’s materials database. For each piece of know-how a trainer contributes, the company donates money to a charity of their choice. These training materials are then made available for all of our trainers to use. Finally, the cream of the crop is selected and converted into an e-book, which is then shared across and beyond the company.

Since starting KH4C in 2008 we’ve seen 3 clear benefits:
1.bmpSharing know-how across the organization

Our trainers are motivating each other to build and share materials – everybody wants to raise as much for charity as possible and nobody wants to let their team down.

2Developing material development skills

Supported through feedback from Program Managers and our Training Materials Specialist, our trainers and trainer teams are striving to build better training materials.

3Making more use of our knowledgebase systems

Trainers are becoming more comfortable using our document management system. This maximizes client training time.

Some of the charities we’ve supported: 
  • Red Cross
  • Plan International
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Caritas
  • Biologische Krebsabwehr
  • Kidshelp Kambodscha e.v.
  • Room to read

Our staff say

A valuable tool

“Of course, it’s great that KH4C raises so much for good causes, but from the company’s perspective it’s also a valuable developmental tool. All the participating trainers get extensive feedback at the end of each round, and the element of competition means that the quality of entries just keeps rising. We also end up with a database of top-notch materials, but that’s just an added bonus!”

Sebastian Turnbull



A great opportunity

“KH4C gives me an opportunity to do something for somebody else, and myself. Sharing materials via KH4C makes me apply a little more focus to customizing my training materials, and gives me the opportunity to compare and compete with the best trainers in Target – I really enjoy feedback from others.”

Tony Jones