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Who we work with is regardless of the size, industry or function, all of our clients share 3 common needs

Our clients need to work effectively in an international environment – whether it be with customers and suppliers, or internal teams. Their focus is on what their people can do in the workplace.

Our clients need to balance training costs with training benefits. Training is an investment and they need to see clear business results. They are looking for providers with real experience.

Our clients need to be confident that their training solution will be easy to implement and that their training provider is trustworthy. They need their training provider to care about making the learning stick.

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Helping clients just like you

Since the very beginning, we have been working exclusively on a Business-to-Business (B2B) basis.

Client size & locations

Our B2Bs clients range from  multinationals to NGOs, from mid-sized firms to trade associations and from corporate headquarters to overseas subsidiaries.

Industry experience

The majority of our work is with large multinationals involved in multiple industries. Our clients work in a broad range of industries – from IT to insurance, logistics to energy and financial services to manufacturing.


Since 1994, we’ve had the opportunity to train and develop professionals from almost all functions – from software R&D departments to sales, human resources to auditors, management to workers councils.

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