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Wir haben eine Vorliebe für Seminare und Trainings. Wir bemühen uns immer Service von hervorragender Qualität abzuliefern, der sich an den Zielen unserer Kunden orientiert. Wir schätzen das Feedback unserer Kunden und versuchen stets unser Training zu verbessern. Auf der Basis unserer Kundenbewertungen können wie mehr über unsere Stärken und Schwächen herausfinden.

Haben Sie bereits an einem unserer Trainings teilgenommen und haben mit unserer Arbeit Erfahrungen aus erster Hand gemacht? Wenn ja, würden wir es begrüßen von Ihnen zu hören. Nutzen Sie dieses Formular, um uns mitzuteilen, was Sie denken.

Deeply informative training provided by a very knowledgeable trainer

I participated in the "Practical Toolbox for Managers" seminar and felt it was a deeply informative training provided by a very knowledgeable trainer!  The training was interesting and together with the role play interaction managed to maintain attention throughout. The trainer obviously knows his role - the subjects were portrayed with clarity and interaction provoked with easy and confidence. Target Training are clearly serious in their purpose and should be the first port of call when seeking professional and effective training solutions!

Matthew Bloomer
Banque Öhman S.A

The trainers are fully integrated

The best practice of English business language you can get, is learning it with the trainers from TARGET. This is due to the fact that as in our company / department,  the trainers are fully integrated in your daily business work. You can agree with them individual training hours related to the specific needs of your job or the best, they will come on request to assist you to write complex technical and contractual letters, to support you to prepare business meetings etc.

Gerhard Jung
Senior Project Manager

Aligned with my business requirements

I enjoy being in a group training. This gives me the opportunity to practice and improve my English on a regular basis. The training of TARGET is aligned with my business requirements, for example we exercised presentations, negotiations and telephone conferences. As a result I feel much more comfortable doing these things.  I appreciate the on-the-job-training because it really supports me writing emails to a group of international colleagues, holding a presentation or preparing a phone call about a certain issue.  Lastly, the tip of the week is very helpful to remember certain things, for example grammar rules or different usage/meanings of words.

Tanja P.
InCorporateTrainer participant

Strong delivery based on detailed needs analysis

I've worked with Target and their trainer team on various occasions during the past 12 years. Each time, they were able to deliver high impact training because they asked the right kind of questions that forced us, as a client, to carefully think about what we really need as outcome of the training. Very results oriented and professional, with an impressive "whatever it takes" attitude that makes sure the right kind of learning takes place and both the participant and the course sponsor are happy with the result.

Chris Lemke
Senior Manager, L&D, SES S.A.

Sehr flexible

Sehr gute Erfahrungen mit der Kombination von Classroom und on-the-job training. Sehr motivierter Trainer. Sehr flexible in der Unterstützung beim on-the-job training.

Karsten R.
Deutsche Post DHL

Super und passend zu meinen Anforderungen

Der Unterricht bei Jonny war super und passend zu meinen Anforderungen in meinem Job. Das on-the-job-training ist eine gute Unterstützung im meinem Tagesablauf, da es genau auf meine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist und mich sehr entlastet.

Valeria P.
InCorporateTrainer participant

Providing useful advice

Great training, useful and pleasant to attend to. From the beginning, the target was well identified and it seems that we managed to reach what we planned. The trainer (James Culver) has been really helpful, providing useful advice for our daily work.

Maxime Gilot
Seminar Participant

Better than I had hoped for

I participated in a two day seminar in June, run by Target Training GmbH, titled, "Practical Toolbox for Managers". My expectations were high and I must say that the standard of the training I received was even better than I had hoped for. Scott was very professional, he really understood my job and my needs as a manager, and gave me some brilliant advice that has already made a difference to my day-to-day work. Thank you very much!

John B.
Seminar Participant

Very helpful

Target Training provides very helpful  training for my daily business. The topics chosen by our trainer Matt on the basis on our skills and needs not only help to improve English skills but also enhance general business communication skills. If you have questions or you need help with emails or letters, you can always contact Matt. I like that!

InCorporateTrainer participant

The training with James has been very helpful

I have the feeling that I have managed to improve my communication and presentation skills considerably. James was a very passionate and knowledgeable teacher and I can only recommend my colleagues to participate in one of his training sessions.

Simon S.
Seminar Participant

Thanks a lot !!

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit meinem Englisch Trainer von Target Training fühle ich mich bei Gesprächen am Telefon deutlich sicherer und meine Emails sind präziser und professioneller geworden. Insgesamt läuft die Kommunikation mit meinen Kontakten im Ausland nun reibungsloser ab.

Felix Wild
InCorporateTrainer participant

Very interactive and detailed

I found the training very well designed for the audience. Very interactive and detailed. Being able to put the theory in practice right away is a major plus. I felt that the training was being customized for the audience on the spot. James Culver did a very good job. Thank you  Mihnea

Mihnea Gheorghe
Seminar participant

Have fun with Target

As a customer of Target I have to highlight my very good experience with Target on the whole and with Matt Schmid in particular. Beside the pure English training, which was always a good mixture between grammar, conversations and business topics Matt was always very focused on meeting our individual requirements and needs. Furthermore we had the great opportunity to have some group workshops with Matt regarding team building, social skills and intercultural business.  Have fun with target  Regards  Roman

Roman Fechner
Financial Controller, Bosch

I frequently involve my English teacher in my daily work

With his help I improved lots of English documents like reports, presentations and emails. The most important thing for me is to find the right tone, as the English way of communicating differs a lot from the German one. Therefore the tips of the week are also very helpful. There I learned to understand certain misunderstandings I have had with some English colleagues. For example I  told my intern her work would be "ok" meaning that it was really good! I was wondering why she wasn't happy and then found out what "ok" really means in English.

Cecile Jammers
InCorporateTrainer participant

Target is a very flexible partner with a perfectly tailored training

Sales channel of Target is benchmark. You get a training tailored to your team and to the Job your company has to fulfill. Classroom training as well as training in our company is very effective. Trainers have a good knowledge level, they know a lot more than "just the language". The organization of our classroom training was done in a very good way. I can recommend target as an excellent partner.

Rüdiger Burkhardt

Ich kann Target Training weiter empfehlen

Target Training Englisch Trainer unterstützt uns in der Firma, unsere Aufgaben auf Englisch besser erledigen zu können.  Das Englisch Training ist sehr praxisnah und an die Englisch Kenntnisse jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters angepasst.  Zusätzlich unterstütz uns der Trainer bei Geschäftskorrespondenz und  Präsentationen auf Englisch und  gibt uns Feedback.  Dieses Lernkonzept ist sehr effektiv und es macht Spaß, auf diese Weiße Englisch zu lernen.  Ich kann Target Training weiter empfehlen.  Vielen Dank.

Andrzej Z.
InCorporateTrainer participant

A great atmosphere where learning was fun

I appreciated the Target English Training sessions for two years. Across multiple trainers with their individual styles to conduct the trainings, there has always been a great atmosphere where learning was fun. The trainers have all be absolutely supportive, and the training material was tailored to the specific demands to our peer group.

Markus Zurhorst
InCorporateTrainer participant

Supports my daily work

I had the luck and possibility to get English training at my employer Siemens for longer than one year. Target Training GmbH performed this training.  I liked the training concept in a group with mixed skills and the unconventional methods & practices the coach implemented every lesson. Daily business topics were also implemented then politics, news, sports, etc. It helped me to improve my skill and supports my daily work in a global network. I definitively recommend Target Training GmbH.

Stefan Luettenberg
Siemens AG

Mir hat das Training sehr geholfen - vielen Dank!

Ich hatte das Glück, über einen längeren Zeitraum regelmäßig Englisch-Stunden nehmen zu können und kann TARGET auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen. Es wurde individuell auf die Teilnehmer eingegangen, die Trainingseinheiten waren sehr strukturiert und gut vorbereitet und es bestand auch die Bereitschaft "Randthemen" wie Rechts- und Vertragssprache in das Programm auf zu nehmen.

Elke Amberg-Schmitt
Siemens Energy

Seit nunmehr über 20 Jahren bin ich Privat-Student bei der Fa. TARGET in Offenbach

In dieser langen Zeit war ich mit allen, mir zur  Verfügung gestellten Dozenten außerordentlich zufrieden. Von daher kann ich die Fa. TARGET uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.  Besonders hervorheben möchte ich an dieser Stelle meinen langjährigen Dozenten, Herrn Phil Louis, dem mein besonderer Dank gilt.  Durch seinen Einfallsreichtum schafft er es immer wieder den Unterricht interessant und abwechslungsreich zu gestalten.  In all den Jahren hatte ich nie etwas zu beanstanden. Daher erhält die Fa. TARGET von mir die besten Ratings. Besonders hervorheben möchte ich an dieser Stelle meinen langjährigen Dozenten, Herrn Phil Louis, dem mein besonderer Dank gilt.

Rüdiger Frommen
Managing Director, Glasbau Frommen GmbH

100% client focussed

With the IncCorporate Trainer, Target provides a service to customers that is extraordinary and 100% client focused. Unlike the standardized training programs, InCorporate Trainers can work specifically for concrete and relevant needs of their colleagues. InCorporate Trainers and clients locally benefit from the strong experience and professionalized work Target provides in the background.

Jonas M.
Director, Streamtec GmbH

The training as a whole was very relevant

The personality and charisma of the trainer, as well as the content of the class, allowed every participant to commit to the exercises, and it was easy to make connections between the trainer's presentation and daily, real-life situations. The background of the trainer, different from most of the participants', was probably another factor making the session a true learning experience, by including at the same time some corporate and some out-of-the-box solutions to the issues of communication.

Loic Nouar
Seminar Participant

Highly recommended!

Target claims to deliver "English training on the job - for the job" and I can absolutely agree with that. The training was well-organized and exactly tailored to my requirements. It covered the everyday basics ranging from business presentations to telephone calls and running meetings, but also highlighted the characteristic s of our special fields of interest (Logistics consulting/research). I very much enjoyed every session and profited from the individual feedback (though among a group) and the practical take-aways that have helped me to strengthen my business English. The complementary material is also perfectly suitable for quickly recalling what I have learned. Highly recommended!

Martin Böhmer
Frauenhofer IML
Alexandra Baginsky