Virtual Training Solutions

Interactive, engaging and personalized training for your staff, delivered virtually

Is virtual delivery the right solution for you?

Employees receive training wherever they are based – home office, business assignments, multiple countries, or in your headquarters. You save time and money on travel and accommodation. The global reach of virtual training builds a personal sense of belonging and identity. Virtual training enables and encourages networking and experience sharing beyond individual locations.

How does it work?

The training is delivered live using an online communication platform or video conferencing service. The trainer virtually delivers dynamic, engaging activities that are directly relevant to the participants jobs. The training is delivered in 2-hour blocks, which is easier to fit into busy employee schedules and delivers tangible outcomes. Virtual training is learning through interaction, engagement and personalization – it is active learning.

Group size

Our virtual training  is engaging, interactive and personalized. The ideal group size is about 6-8 people per (2-hour) session. If you choose to integrate a technical producer, larger groups of up to 12 participants become possible.

Gives everyone access to the same training.
Delivered in 2-hour blocks – easy to fit into busy schedules.
Builds essential virtual collaboration skills.
You save time and money on travel and accommodation.

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