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The InCorporate Trainer

An effective innovative integrated approach to business English training

If you want to succeed globally, working confidently and accurately in English is a must. Companies typically consider 3 approaches: weekly lessons, intensive seminars and e-learning courses. Since 1998 we’ve been delivering a fourth approach – which actually delivers the results managers want to see: The InCorporate Trainer. Discover how we integrate business English training into your workplace so you perform better when working in English.

In-house Flexible Practical Relevant English training on the job – for the job


Understand how the InCorporate Trainer delivers in-house business English training.


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Get the 5 benefits of integrating an in-house trainer.


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Our Values


Innovative products, customizable tools and excellent trainers, all of which are here to ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality in every training situation.


The latest proven training methodologies, technologies, techniques and tools are adapted to fit your situation and your needs. We strive to be the most relevant that we can be by looking for opportunities to grow and develop in all that we do.


Our continued success is based on your results. We support you in assessing and displaying results through a robust chain of evidence. The key to this is found in the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Learning Evaluation.


We have been delivering training solutions since 1994. The majority of our clients have been with us since the beginning. We adapt to your changing situations, adopt your administrative processes and work hand-in-hand with your contacts in L&D and purchasing.


A great company to work with

Target Training

Working with Target Training was a real pleasure. It is always wonderful when a provider listens to your needs, develops the training around those needs and can adjust and fine tune the training to ensure that it is fit for purpose. No demands were too great. The training team were extremely professional, knowledgeable and were able to keep the participants engaged at all times. Which is quite essential for an all day training session. From inception to delivery, Target Training were exemplary.


Strong delivery

Target Training

I’ve worked with Target and their trainer team on various occasions during the past 12 years. Each time, they were able to deliver high impact training because they asked the right kind of questions that forced us, as a client, to carefully think about what we really need as outcome of the training. Very results oriented and professional, with an impressive “whatever it takes” attitude that makes sure the right kind of learning takes place and both the participant and the course sponsor are happy with the result.


Excellent feedback

Target Training

The trainers at Target Training are extremely professional and have an innovative and interacting way of engaging delegates in a training session. Their uncompromising high standard and energy in imparting knowledge gives ovewhelming success in achieving the learning outcomes. For all the sessions that they have delivered for us, the feedback evaluations has been excellent. They understand the client’s needs and deliver every time.


Practical Useful Free eBooks

The definitive checklist for qualifying training providers

There are thousands of training providers out there and many promise great things. But how can you really find out if they are the right fit? After all, it’s essential that you don’t risk wasting your employees’ working time or your hard-won training budget!

eBook: The definitive checklist for qualifying training providers
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Sweeten your mails with SUGAR

Through simple, practical tips, and the easy to remember SUGAR model, this E-book will help you to improve your emails.

Does the virtual get in the way of your team?

If you are working in, or expect to be working in a virtual team, this eBook can help you. The same goes for leading a virtual team. You’ll also find the advice contained in the checklists useful if you are involved in HR and HRD.

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