Leading people in a virtual environment

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About this training

These five 2-hour modules are for all managers who are, or going to be leading people in a virtual environment, whether it be project, function or matrix. Full of practical advice, hands-on activities and tools that really work, the modules are delivered remotely using online platforms e.g., Webex Training Center. This means you can train your managers no matter where they are based.

Manage individual and team performance in a virtual environment.

Your outcomes

  • Reflect on the challenges of leading people and teams virtually
  • Identify what your virtual team wants and needs from you as a leader
  • Sharpen your ability to effectively communicate in a virtual environment
  • Acquire fundamental tools and tips to manage individual and team performance in a virtual environment
  • Acquire tools and tips to develop your employees that are working virtually
  • Increase your ability to build trust, motivate and enhance accountability virtually
  • Acquire tools to lead people virtually who don’t report directly to you

Build trust, motivate and enhance accountability virtually.

Establish goals and key success indicators.

Training content

The 2-hour modules are designed to be delivered as a single program, but you can also pick, choose and adapt to suit your needs and priorities.

Module 1

The fundamentals every distance manager needs
  • Horses & Zebras – Compare and contrast the challenges of working virtually
  • Introducing the 7 competencies of an effective distance manager
  • The 4 fundamentals every distance manager needs to operate effectively in a virtual environment
  • Assessing your own competencies

Module 2

Delivering what your team needs from you
  • Competency profile for virtual teamwork and leadership
  • Myths and realities of leading a virtual team
  • Why do virtual teams fail? – The 5 most common avoidable mistakes
  • What do employees want from their distance manager
  • Overcoming the isolation – virtual water cooler

Module 3

Managing the communication challenge
  • Staying connected and coordinated
  • Matching the medium with the message – which tool and when?
  • Building a communication charter
  • Sharing information
  • Presenting in a virtual environment
  • The distance manager’s guide to efficient teleconferences and web meetings

Module 4

Managing individual performance
  • Purpose and SMART goals in a virtual environment
  • Coaching in a virtual environment
  • Feedback not advice
  • Accountability in a virtual environment – DEEP model
  • Empowering colleagues to manage their own boundaries
  • Celebrating from a distance
  • Leading people who don’t report to you

Module 5

Managing team performance
  • Developing core skills amongst your team
  • Building motivation and enhancing accountability
  • Focusing the team by establishing goals and key success indicators – The Purpose Pyramid
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities (applying the ARCI model)
  • Performing a virtual team health check

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The ultimate book of virtual teams checklists

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If you are working in, or expect to be working in a virtual team, this eBook can help you. The same goes for leading a virtual team. You’ll also find the advice contained in the checklists useful if you are involved in HR and HRD.

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Leading and working in virtual teams

“…One of the things we love about working with Target Training is that they invest the time necessary to understand
what we are trying to get out of this. It’s not “off the shelf” training – and this makes a real difference to the training
and business impact.”

C.L., Vice-President of  Learning & Development