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About this training

Today’s managers need a range of approaches to develop their teams and deliver results – and coaching is a core tool. Research shows that coaching can lead to increased engagement, productivity and results – so why wouldn’t you use it?  Coaching skills for leaders shares proven approaches & tools and enables the mindset needed to coach effectively as a manager.

Build the mindset needed to coach effectively as a manager with proven approaches.

Your outcomes

  • Build a broader picture of how people grow and learn and how you as a leader play a pivotal role in enabling this
  • Better understand what motivates your colleagues
  • Embracing the grow framework for coaching, mentoring and problem-solving
  • Practicing the elements of the total system
  • Develop communication skills to support your coaching success
  • Transfer intention into action and implemented new skills on the job

Training content

  • The role of the manager and leader in developing others
  • Applying motivation to performance coaching
  • Using the GROW framework daily when developing individuals and teams
  • Developing core communication skills for your coaching
  • Introducing TOTAL – a robust methodology for leaders and managers when coaching performance
    • Task related to behavioural goals (What does it look like?)
    • Observe behavioural metrics (How will we get there?)
    • Treat trouble related to achieving goals (What got in the way?)
    • Action plan solutions (What are you going to do about it?)
    • Lead to new commitments (What will you promise to do?)
  • Preparing to Coach – detailed action plan for transfer to workplace

Robust methodology for leaders and managers when coaching performance.

Communication skills to support your coaching success.

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