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About this training

Is your executive team just sharing information or a real force for change in your organization? Moving from a group of talented leaders and managers to a talented team requires focused effort.  You need your executive team to pay attention to behaviours as much as tasks. Working in your reality, this training identifies the practical steps you can take to transform and maintain the high performance of your organization’s most important team.

Transform and maintain the performance of your organization’s most important team.

Your outcomes

  • Determining the team’s purpose
  • Assessing the team members and playing to their strengths
  • Techniques to enhance your executive team’s ability to perform core tasks
  • Building and sustaining trust in an executive team context
  • Transforming trust into performance
  • Maintaining the change over the longer term

Training content

  • Auditing yourselves against Lencioni’s 5 dysfunction of a team
  • Building openness and candor
  • Being comfortable with discomfort – embracing vulnerability
  • Making behavior as important as results
  • Driving agreements that last
  • Practicing your processes
  • Making collective accountability part of your team’s DNA
  • Reinforcing your team results
  • Continuous process improvement in executive team skills
  • Measuring your way to a better executive team
  • Transferring intentions into actions in your workplace

Building and sustaining trust in an executive team context.

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