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About this training

These five 2-hour modules are designed for experienced people managers and leaders wanting to further strengthen their performance management skills.  Full of practical advice, hands-on activities and tools that really work, the modules are delivered remotely using online platforms e.g., WebEx Training Center. This means you can train your managers no matter where they are based.

Best practices for management by objective.

Your outcomes

  • Embrace your role as a manager in driving individual and team performance
  • Identify and tap into your employee’s drivers
  • Develop an approach to managing performance through competencies
  • Acquire tools for developing your employees’ competencies using the 70-20-10 approach
  • Prepare to make the most of your development conversations and annual reviews
  • Acquire strategies and tools to establish trust and build engagement and commitment
  • Acquire strategies and tools to build your social and emotional intelligence
  • Develop your “tough empathy” as a tool for getting the best from people

Strategies and tools to build your social and emotional intelligence.

Develop your “tough empathy” as a tool for getting the best from people.

Training content

The 2-hour modules are designed to be delivered as a single program, but you can also pick, choose and adapt to suit your needs and priorities.

Module 1

The role of a manager in driving performance
  • “You get the team you deserve” – why the buck starts and ends with you, the line manager
  • 9 practical checkpoints for driving performance
  • Understanding your impact on others – attitudes and behaviours that motivate others
  • Identifying and working with drivers
  • 4 types of challenging performances -and how to deal with them
  • Starting to “coach” with the TOPIC model

Module 2

Managing through competencies
  • Why have a competency model?
  • Identifying the skills, knowledge and behaviors your staff truly need
  • Developing the skills you need as a manager to manage through competencies
  • Tapping into your competency model – from recruiting to developing to assessing
  • Assessing and reviewing core competencies
  • Developing competencies using the 70-20-10 approach

Module 3

Building trust, engagement and commitment
  • Why should anyone be led by you? The relationship between authenticity and skill
  • Understanding your impact on others
  • Authentic communication
  • Emotional bank account
  • The confidence challenge
  • Why does trust matter and how you can actively build it
  • Introducing the 5 dysfunctions of a team – and how trust enables conflict

Module 4

Making the most of development conversations
  • The manager’s role in the annual performance review
  • Why have an APR cycle and why it is useful?
  • Management by objective – best practices
  • Why start with the core principles THEN the formal process
  • Intelligent goal setting – SMART goals, enabling and engineering interrelation between goals and organizational and personal goals
  • The APR as a living habit – and not a series of events

Module 5

Managing team performance
  • Developing core skills amongst your team
  • Building motivation and enhancing accountability
  • Focusing the team by establishing goals and key success indicators – The Purpose Pyramid
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities (applying the ARCI model)
  • Performing a virtual team health check
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