An effective, flexible training solution for employees and teams who work virtually

Since 2013 we’ve been delivering our highly effective InCorporate Trainer as a virtual solution. The Virtual InCorporate Trainer works just like a traditional InCorporate Trainer … but virtually. The trainer supports your teams or departments no matter where they are located. The Virtual InCorporate Trainer helps you work more effectively and efficiently in English, whether it be delivering clearer presentations, participating in online meetings with more confidence, or exchanging information faster and more accurately using email.

Who’s it for?

This high-quality training solution is for companies with teams or departments in different locations, or who work from isolated offices. The Virtual InCorporate Trainer offers equal training opportunities for employees who work from home and/or employees who travel a lot. The Virtual InCorporate Trainer is a proven and effective way of developing your staff’s business English skills and providing on-the-job support– no matter where they are based!

A flexible training solution for employees who are often travelling or working from home.
Enables your staff to work effectively in a virtualized world.
Encourages networking and a sense of “we” amongst teams and departments in different locations.
Employees get equal training opportunities no matter where they are located.

How the Virtual InCorporate Trainer solution works for our clients

The Virtual InCorporate Trainer offers equal training opportunities for employees who are working in a hybrid work environment, from home and/or travel a lot. This training solution is a proven and effective way of developing your staff’s business English skills and providing on the job support– no matter where they are based! Here are some client examples:

Building skills and sharing experiences across corporate purchasing

Our client’s corporate purchasing division spreads across 11 locations in Germany. Looking to build a sense of community and team AND offer the same quality of training to everyone the client invested in a virtual InCorporate Trainer. The purchasing and procurement teams benefited from on-the-job English support, feedback after shadowing, and SCM-targeted training topics. Naturally, negotiating, influencing and contract management formed a major part of the tailored program.

Offering the same quality of training globally

Our client was looking to offer equally effective training opportunities to its employees around the world – and an “open” virtual InCorporate Trainer provided the right solution. Employees in Germany, Mexico, France, China, and Vietnam, benefited from job-relevant training. This global solution included level- and function-based groups, on the-the-job support and regular online workshops to further develop core communication skills.

Being on site won’t stop the project execution teams from improving their English

The client’s project execution teams often need to travel for extended periods and work on site. The Virtual InCorporate Trainer provided a practical solution that meant that business English training could continue no matter where they were in the world, and that they could stay connected with colleagues in the headquarters too! On-the-job support connected with regular training groups and their client soon asked to join the training too!

Training and support no matter where you work

Bringing together any client’s sales department for training is a challenging task. However, whether they were on the road visiting clients, at the back office or working from home the Virtual InCorporate Trainer provided 1-1 and small group training opportunities. Coaching and on-the—job support was highly valued – especially with sensitive emails, key presentations and working virtually. They got the training and support they needed when they needed it.

We would definitely recommend this approach to any other HR manager – because it works. We are all very satisfied from the employees to their managers and the senior leadership team. And we’ve worked together at all stages. We are not customers – well of course we are customers – but we are sort of partners in learning and that’s what is really, really recommendable…

C. B-L, Head of HR

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