The InCorporate Trainer

An innovative solution to in-house Business English training

What is it?

A cost-effective, flexible solution that fits around busy and changing schedules

InCorporate Trainers work closely with you, from within your offices. They work alongside your teams, delivering training, helping you with on-the-job support at your desk, and shadowing you in action. The trainer takes responsibility for organizing and scheduling the training.

You’re looking for a cost-effective, flexible training solution.

The InCorporate Trainer is available one to five days per week

Depending on the number of people you want on the program, an InCorporate Trainer is with you from between 1 day and 5 days a week. An in-house business English trainer working a 40 hour week will usually be responsible for the business English needs of around 80 to 120 people. The exact number depends on a variety of influences such as availability, training targets and the diversity of learning needs.

The InCorporate Trainer is accessible and flexible

A full-time InCorporate Trainer working 40 hours per week will spend at least 30 hours in direct contact with you and your team. This 30/10 split means that you benefit from trainer availability. The trainer is always on-call when you need support. Additionally, if unforeseen circumstances mean you are too busy to make a training session, the trainer can adapt his or her schedule to offer alternatives.

The InCorporate Trainer works where you work

The flexibility of an in-house training program is what attracts our clients the most. Each in-house training solution is implemented according to the varying needs of the client and the participants and adapted to the ongoing changes in jobs and priorities.

You have 50+ employees in need of training on a variety of topics and/or skills.

You need immediate results.


Finding the right tone

Target Training

I frequently involve my English teacher in my daily work. With his help I improved lots of English documents like reports, presentations and emails. The most important thing for me is to find the right tone, as the English way of communicating differs a lot from the German one.


Sicherer am Telefon

Target Training

Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit meinem Englisch Trainer von Target Training fühle ich mich bei Gesprächen am Telefon deutlich sicherer und meine Emails sind präziser und professioneller geworden. Insgesamt läuft die Kommunikation mit meinen Kontakten im Ausland nun reibungsloser ab.


Fully integrated

Target Training

The best practice of English business language you can get, is learning it with the trainers from TARGET. In our company/department, the trainers are fully integrated, they will come on request to assist you to write complex technical and contractual letters, to support you to prepare business meetings etc.


Succeed globally with the InCorporate Trainer

Training on the job – for the job

If you want to succeed globally, working confidently and accurately in English is a must. Discover how we integrate business English training into your workplace so you perform better when working in English.

A client’s perspective on the InCorporate Trainer

“The InCoporate Trainer concept is very flexible. Whenever an employee has a special training need, it can be catered for.”


On-the-job training in action

Jane Davies explains in detail how on-the-job training works.


Target Training

The most important point about the training is that it’s very close to the job. And the concept is very flexible – whenever we have a special need or request, it can be catered for.What has definitely changed is that people have lost their fear of using English. They are much more professional in terms of answering the telephone, writing emails, and communicating with foreign customers. And our people are having fun learning – they really like to speak English now. That was our goal!

C. B-L, Head of HR

Target Training

We would definitely recommend this approach to any other HR manager – because it works. We are all very satisfied from the employees to their managers and the senior leadership team. And we’ve worked together at all stages. We are not customers – well of course we are customers – but we are sort of partners in learning and that’s what is really, really recommendable…

C. B-L, Head of HR

The InCorporate Trainer

An innovative solution to in-house Business English training


Countries are covered by our InCorporate training programs.


Participants would recommend our training to colleagues and clients.


Departments trust our InCorporate trainers to improve their business English competency.


Years of trust in the InCorporate trainer solution from our long-term clients.

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