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How our in-house Business English training solutions help our clients succeed globally

Is the InCorporate Trainer the right solution for you?

The challenges our clients face

Your challenges are specific to your organization, industry and business. Many of our clients share similar challenges. As your business continues to change and evolve, you need training solutions that change and evolve with you. We’ve collected our client’s common challenges below. We’ve also briefly highlighted how we have met these needs.

Managing size and scope

Ensuring training is relevant

Working around staff and their busy schedules

Saving money

Getting results that impact your business

Practical and effective

Target Training

Target Training’s in-house English Trainer supports us in the company to do our jobs better in English. The English training is very practical and adapted to the English language skills of each employee. In addition, the Trainer supports us in business correspondence and slides and gives us feedback. This learning approach is very effective and it’s fun to learn English this way. I can recommend Target Training. Thanks a lot.



Target Training

The structure of the training concept is well: practice English by presenting, meeting sessions, grammar lessons. The most impact give me the training on the job. It supports me to do presentations and to go through Q & A sessions.

Human Resources – Logistics

100% client-focused

Target Training

With the InCorporate Trainer, Target provides a service to customers that is extraordinary and 100% client focused. Unlike standardized training programs they can work specifically on the concrete needs of my colleagues.


14 Jahren Erfolg

Target Training

Meine Abteilung arbeit seit mehr als 14 Jahren erfolgreich mit Target GmbH bei der Weiterbildung der Mitarbeiter zusammen…Die Stärken von Target sind: – hochqualifizierte und motivierte Trainer, die in die Abteilung im Tagesgeschäft eingebunden sind – tiefes Verständnis unserer Prozesse und Abläufe, damit ein Erkennen des Bedarfs der Mitarbeiter… Es wurden zwischenzeitlich mehrmals Alternativen geprüft, keines der Angebote konnte mit den Leistungen von Target konkurrieren.


Is the InCorporate Trainer the right solution for you?

Are you looking to train between 20 and 2000+ people?

You define your priorities and expectations, and then we adapt our approach to help you meet your business needs. Small departments to entire companies spread across multiple locations have used our in-house programs. Currently, our largest project covers 1100 professionals based at multiple locations and our smallest project is for a department of 6.

Do you need your business English training to be relevant and easily transferable to the workplace?

Our clients all share this expectation as it is important for them to transfer the learning they receive to their workplace. Being in-house means we can consistently deliver relevant training that is engaging, motivating, and reflects your day-to-day reality.

Are you able to focus training on your real needs and bring internal and confidential documents into the training?

Confidentiality is a basic expectation of all our clients. We sign your non-disclosure agreement and win your trust and confidence by integrating into your workplace. This allows us to help you improve the quality of your internal documents.

How are you ensuring that the right people, who are often the busiest people, are receiving the training they need when they need it?

If we can’t get you into a training room, we come to your desk to deliver training on-the-job. All of our clients are challenged by days that are full of regular and irregular tasks. We work with your busy schedule and we remain flexible to help you prepare for that difficult presentation, or that sales review. All of our trainers provide multiple training opportunities.

Are you looking for a flexible solution that fits around busy and changing schedules?

Our clients don’t want to waste money on cancellations. By being in-house, we have greater flexibility to easily reschedule training. Can’t make the training session at 9am? No problem, let’s reschedule to the next day and we’ll use the free time slot that is now free to support somebody else on-the-job.

Are your expectations of your staff changing?

Priorities and expectations are constantly evolving and our clients want to make sure that our training keeps up with these changes. Through regular review meetings, we can adapt and tailor both the overall training program and the actual content to reflect your changing needs.

Do you need to carefully manage training costs?

We help you to keep total training costs down by reducing “dead money” wasted on cancellations and no shows. Our clients are cost conscious about supplier fees and about the total training cost. We address both aspects with a transparent and extremely competitive rate. We make training more effective through relevance, plus we support day to day business through on-the-job training and support. We also take over time-consuming administration.

How do we help you manage the balance between quality and costs?

We share the idea with our clients that quality does not have to be traded off against costs. We work closely together with our clients to achieve this. By transforming in-house English training into a strategic decision, we achieve a commitment and volume which allows us to offer an hourly rate that is both competitive and sustainable. This in turn means that we can attract trainers who are qualified, experienced and committed professionals.

Are you spending too much money on translations and interpreters?

Working side-by-side with you, we make sure your document genuinely reflects your intended meaning and tone, and that your industry-specific terminology is used accurately. Do you find that external translators sometimes fail to understand the tone, or lack the industry-specific language? On-the job training typically involves working with your documents.  It also means you learn by doing. The next time you’ll be more confident and effective when writing alone.

Succeed globally with the InCorporate Trainer

Training on the job – for the job

If you want to succeed globally, working confidently and accurately in English is a must. Discover how we integrate business English training into your workplace so you perform better when working in English.

A client’s perspective on the InCorporate Trainer

“The InCoporate Trainer concept is very flexible. Whenever an employee has a special training need, it can be catered for.”


A day in the life of an InCorporate Trainer: Gary’s day

Gary talks about his day as an InCorporate Trainer, working in-house with clients to help them communicate more effectively in English.


Target Training

The most important point about the training is that it’s very close to the job. And the concept is very flexible – whenever we have a special need or request, it can be catered for.What has definitely changed is that people have lost their fear of using English. They are much more professional in terms of answering the telephone, writing emails, and communicating with foreign customers. And our people are having fun learning – they really like to speak English now. That was our goal!

C. B-L, Head of HR

Target Training

We would definitely recommend this approach to any other HR manager – because it works. We are all very satisfied from the employees to their managers and the senior leadership team. And we’ve worked together at all stages. We are not customers – well of course we are customers – but we are sort of partners in learning and that’s what is really, really recommendable…

C. B-L, Head of HR

The InCorporate Trainer

An innovative solution to in-house Business English training


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