The InCorporate Trainer

The benefits of integrating an in-house Business English trainer

What’s in it for you?

Training and support where and when you need it

We are embedded into your teams and projects. This means we can build an understanding of your business and deliver training that is 100% relevant to your needs and your benefits. We work where you work, because you need English for your job.

You are better able to perform in English

Because we use innovative training approaches such as on-the-job support, coaching and shadowing to complement classical methods.  Training is practical and outcome oriented.  It’s not about what you know but what you do.

You save time and money

Because we work around your changing schedules to ensure training actually happens. You benefit from us being in-house because this means we can reschedule when necessary and adjust our programs to meet your priorities.

Your training program requires little administration

We actively support you and your training department to ensure administration is simple and practical.  Some of our clients ask us to manage and coordinate the complete training program, others ask us to help them with specific tasks. Being in-house also means we can share responsibility for driving the learning and motivating the participants.

Your investment is transparent and relevant

Because we set training goals, track participation, and monitor progress.  We work with you upfront to understand your expectations and how you’d like them assessed. We can then work with your existing systems and our certified Kirkpatrick experts can support you to set up a realistic and easy-to-implement approach to measuring the impact of training on your business.


100% client-focused

Target Training

With the InCorporate Trainer, Target provides a service to customers that is extraordinary and 100% client focused. Unlike standardized training programs they can work specifically on the concrete needs of my colleagues.



Target Training

The structure of the training concept is well: practice English by presenting, meeting sessions, grammar lessons. The most impact give me the training on the job. It supports me to do presentations and to go through Q & A sessions.


Why should you talk to us?

We love training

We’re serious training enthusiasts and it’s this passion that makes your training engaging, motivating and fun.

Our trainers are great at what they do

Having the right trainer is an important quality factor. You can be confident that your training is delivered by a qualified and committed professional.

You’ll find us easy to work with

Not only the training programs are flexible. We work with your systems and processes and we adapt to your purchasing, administration and HR requirements. Our in-house training solutions are managed by dedicated program and account managers who act as a central contact point for all your queries.

We’ve been doing this for a long time

This is our core business and our core competence. You’ll benefit from our twenty years of experience in in-house training.

We have an in-depth understanding of your business

Because we are embedded into your teams and projects, we deliver training that is 100% relevant to your needs.

Our internal processes are reliable, robust and established

We are ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 29990 qualified.

Succeed globally with the InCorporate Trainer

Training on the job – for the job

If you want to succeed globally, working confidently and accurately in English is a must. Discover how we integrate business English training into your workplace so you perform better when working in English.

A client’s perspective on the InCorporate Trainer

“The InCoporate Trainer concept is very flexible. Whenever an employee has a special training need, it can be catered for.”


On-the-job training in action

Jane Davies explains in detail how on-the-job training works.


Target Training

The most important point about the training is that it’s very close to the job. And the concept is very flexible – whenever we have a special need or request, it can be catered for.What has definitely changed is that people have lost their fear of using English. They are much more professional in terms of answering the telephone, writing emails, and communicating with foreign customers. And our people are having fun learning – they really like to speak English now. That was our goal!

C. B-L, Head of HR

Target Training

We would definitely recommend this approach to any other HR manager – because it works. We are all very satisfied from the employees to their managers and the senior leadership team. And we’ve worked together at all stages. We are not customers – well of course we are customers – but we are sort of partners in learning and that’s what is really, really recommendable…

C. B-L, Head of HR

The InCorporate Trainer

An innovative solution to in-house Business English training


Countries are covered by our InCorporate training programs.


Participants would recommend our training to colleagues and clients.


Departments trust our InCorporate trainers to improve their business English competency.


Years of trust in the InCorporate trainer solution from our long-term clients.

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