Applying for an InCorporate Trainer job

Our 12 insider tips for committed business English trainers

Take the time to tailor your application

Check out our website, social media etc and look at what we do – both as a company and as trainers. Then adapt your cover letter and CV. This shows you have really taken the time to apply and not sent out the same application to every company.

Write your CV with our recruiter in mind

Simple things like appropriate document naming (e.g. CV_Patricia_Patel and not just CV), updating the dates, highlighting key points, starting with your most relevant experience etc. will win you points with a busy recruiter.

Show us that you are a rounded individual

We hire people, not teaching machines. Be open about who you are outside the training room. If you have the right attitude we can help you with the technical stuff.

Share any non-TEFL experience and qualifications

Connected to the above, you’ll be working inside a company so don’t be humble about talking about other jobs which have transferable skills.  Some of our best trainers were at one time nurses, fitness coaches, cruise ship reps or even ex-CID.  People skills are hugely important.

Be ready to talk us through your business English experience

In your first telephone interview we’ll ask you to briefly talk us through your CV. Be prepared and focus on the more relevant experience, and bring it to life with concrete examples.

Know your TEFL onions

Our trainers don’t need to be grammar gurus, but when you’re giving a manager feedback on an email and she asks “so why is this wrong?” you need to be able to explain clearly and succinctly with relevant examples. You need to know your basics. Most of our InCorporate Trainers are working in Germany so you can anticipate the most common issues you’ll face with a little research.

Show that you know what you are applying for

Our website has oodles of information e.g. quotes, case studies and video interviews with real trainers offer personal insights. We want you to be asking questions and critically evaluating the answers you hear. If you are keen on the position, show it. If you feel you understand the job, share this understanding.

Put yourself in our client’s shoes

We work exclusively with corporate clients. Think about how this will impact your day-to-day training. What challenges do they have? How can you help them overcome these obstacles?

Talk with our trainers

Related to the above, before you come to the face-to-face interview we’ll offer you the chance to speak with our trainers. Use the chance to build a better understanding of what the job is about and what we’re like as a company.  Ask them anything.

Show us what you can do in the pre-interview task

For the face-to-face interview, we’ll ask you to complete a pre-interview task relating to giving feedback on a genuine e-mail and then turning the genuine example into some training. Take this as a chance to show what you can do.  We can spot laziness and it’s not a turn on.

Focus on your strengths

What are you especially strong at? Who have you helped to reach their learning goals? How did you do this? What material do you like to use? What feedback have you had?

Show us you care about training

What do you enjoy most about our profession? Passion isn’t trainable and separates the good from the great. Your enthusiasm will impress us.

“As a training company, our reputation depends very much upon the quality and commitment of our trainers, and the service they provide to our clients. This means that finding and hiring the right people is key to our growth strategy. After all, training is about people!”

Scott Levey

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