Living in Germany

As quick guide to what you can expect

A high quality of life

If you are looking for a job as a business English teacher, Germany is a really great place to live and work. A quick Google search will uncover plenty of articles on how high the quality of life is in Germany. Good jobs, a clean environment, great healthcare, a conscientious social system, low crime rates, lots of leisure-time, a wide range of cultural attractions, reliable transport links, lots of holidays … People respect each other and the rules which everyone is expected to live by. There is a strong interest in society working together.

Professional and predictable working hours

Many teachers around the world have to accept “donut days” where they start early, have a wasted gap in the middle of the day and then work into the evening.  This isn’t common in Germany. Working into the evening as a business English teacher is highly unusual as German professionals protect their private time. And at Target Training, our InCorporate Trainers work standard office hours.

Reliable public transport

Public transport in Germany is amongst the best in the world, so you don’t necessarily need a car to live here. Trams, buses, trains are all integrated, reliable and affordably priced.

Cultural attractions

When it comes to the arts, music, sports, museums etc.  Germany ranks with the best. Just like anywhere in the world, the cultural options depend on where you live. If you live in a big city, you’ll have more world-class options – but even the smallest town will have events running on a regular basis. The Germans just love taking any opportunity to organize a party.

Making friends

Making close friends can be slow to start with. Germans have strong social groups and don’t tend to mix work and private friends. However, joining the many clubs and associations connected to your interests is a great start, and if you’re prepared to be patient, then you’ll integrate and you’ll have friends for life.

Learning the language

Most Germans speak some English and many love the opportunity to practice. You can get by without ever speaking German. But learning the language really helps you integrate, and there are lots of options for learning German. All adult education centres run German courses, and private language schools, freelance teachers and language exchanges are practical alternatives.

Cost of living

Tons of information on the cost of living in Germany and includes a salary converter.

Living in Germany

Jay has been an InCorporate Trainer since 2008. Here he talks about his experience of living in the beautiful country of Germany.