How we help you succeed as an InCorporate Trainer

The Business English job for teaching professionals who want to make an impact

We’re a team – if you succeed, we succeed, and the customer succeeds

Our goal is to help you succeed as an InCorporate Trainer. Success is not something that happens instantly and automatically, and we certainly don’t expect you to get there on your own. To make sure you have a smooth start in your new job training business English in-house, we have dedicated people, processes, tools, and resources in place.

We get it. You want to start a new job by showing what you can do. Here are some of the steps we have in place to make sure you get the start at Target Training that will quickly help you to make an impact:

  • dedicated managers
  • helpful colleagues
  • clear on-boarding plan
  • internal communication platforms (e.g. trainer forum)
  • online materials database
  • 4-day “Boot Camp” induction training
  • on- and off-site training & development opportunities

What does success look like?

Succeeding as an InCorporate Trainer means that you will be able to:

  • engage your participants
  • know what to expect of the job
  • know more about the client and department you are based at
  • feel comfortable with Target and client processes, terminology, quality standards, and expectations
  • experiment with resources and ideas
  • create the materials needed to fill the participants’ knowledge and skills gaps
  • react flexibly
  • use your skills and knowledge to benefit the client
  • help the participants improve their performance in English at work
  • take pleasure out of helping others to succeed globally

Starting your role as an InCorporate Trainer

Roz joined Target Training GmbH as an InCorporate Trainer in 2015. In this short video she talks about the support you can expect when you join our company.

A few words on Bootcamp

Hooria joined Target Training GmbH as an InCorporate Trainer in 2016. In this video, she talks about the Bootcamp – our four day induction program that all new hires attend.

The ICT in action

Gary began teaching in 2004. He’s a former actor with an MA in Human Rights and a certification in Project Management. Learn more about Gary’s role as an InCorporate Trainer.

On-the-job training in action

Jane has twenty years’ experience in training, management and IT. She joined Target Training in 2011. In this video she explains in detail how on-the-job training works.

I joined Target as an InCorporate Trainer in 2010. My training experience at that time was just at the edge of the minimum requirements in the job advert. My commitment and enthusiasm for developing myself shone through at the interview and I was offered the job. In January 2013, my former line-manager recommended that I should be considered as her replacement. Target offered me the opportunity to interview for the position of Program Manager and I spent the next three years managing a long-running InCorporate training program. In 2016, I became the Key Account Manager for our largest client, focusing on client-relationships, strategy and business development. I became a shareholder in 2017, and most recently, in January 2019, I became a Director of the company.

Jonny West

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