Lateral Leadership

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About this training

Today’s leaders need to share resources, manage ad hoc teams and work with colleagues in cross functional projects. Leading people who don’t necessarily report directly to you is increasingly common. Lateral leadership is the art of getting things done without line authority. In this training you’ll learn and practice the core skills you need to confidently manage in the new global workplace.

Discover how to lead people and teams who don’t directly report to you.

Your outcomes

  • Recognizing and responding to the challenges of managing across functions
  • Developing your sources of power beyond direct line authority
  • Applying the guiding principles and elements of strategic influencing
  • Building and maintaining trusting relationships with the 5 C model
  • Building commitment and delivering results

Training content

  • Recognizing the challenges and opportunities of managing across functions
  • Identifying opportunities to build power with a new team
  • Exploring the constructive application of power for getting things done
  • Developing a real-world strategy to build trust with a cross-functional team
  • Building a common purpose
  • Using the factors of power, influencing, commitment and communication to assess team tendencies and culture
  • Appling the “Strategic Influencing” model to your reality
  • Addressing common problems in matrix teams
  • Accountability strategies for matrix teams
  • Negotiating work agreements and building commitment
  • Applying SCARF model to difficult conversations
  • Tips and tools for improving communication
  • Debriefing as a continuous process improvement tool

Core skills you need to confidently manage in the new global workplace.

Explore the constructive application of power for getting things done.

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Email Models

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This eBook is a collection of easy to remember structures that you can use when you write emails. Use S.O.A.P for making recommendations, follow S.C.R.A.P when complaining and A.C.T to confirm agreements – for example.

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