Executive Storytelling

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About this training

Storytelling is a powerful leadership tool.  You quickly connect with your audience … and your audience connects with you and your message. The practical workshop Executive Storytelling challenges you to develop and deliver original stories in an authentic and engaging style. Learn to use storytelling to inspire, persuade, teach, create alignment, and help bring your organization’s values and goals to life.

Inspire, lead and bring values and goals to life.

Your outcomes

  • Consider what makes a story a story and what makes a story effective
  • Identify opportunities to tap into the power of story-work in a leadership context
  • Discover the types of story every leader should master
  • Know how to craft or select stories
  • Practice your core leadership stories
  • Connect with the head and the heart – what makes sense, what feels right
  • Acquire practical tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts when telling stories in a leadership context

Training content

  • Everybody can tell stories – a hands on demonstration.
  • Common objections to using storytelling in business.
  • Why our brains love a good story and why stories work.
  • Building your story by starting with the theme, the emotion and the audience – and then implementing the 4D process.
  • Having the courage to connect- with emotion, energy and authenticity.
  • Simple stories every professional needs in their pocket.
  • Dos and don’ts of using stories in the workplace.
  • Stories and slides – breaking the mold when presenting.
  • Practical strategies for building a bank of stories and transferring your training to your workplace.

Deliver original stories in an authentic and engaging style.

Extend the narrative to reflect the experiences of your audience.

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