Leading people and teams
who are working from home

Leadership & Management Skills Training

About this training

Leading and managing people and teams who are working from home brings new challenges. As a leader you need to rethink your role & approach. Your expectations remain consistent, but you’ll want to rethink your interactions, communication and broader role. This training provides you with practical tools and tips and supports you in managing people and teams no matter where they are based.

Tips and techniques that support team productivity.

Your outcomes

  • Understanding what your teams need to do (and not do) to succeed when working from home
  • Knowing what your colleagues need from you as a leader in the current environment
  • Sharpening your ability to effectively communicate in a virtual environment
  • Acquiring tools and tips for working virtually yourself
  • Increasing your ability to build trust, motivate and enhance accountability when people are working from diverse workspaces
  • Developing strategies to transfer the training back to your workplace

Training content

  • Embracing the why, what, how and who of home office work
  • Identifying the challenges that home office employees may be facing
  • Building communication patterns that work for everyone
  • Building trust, commitment and accountability in a home office environment
  • Setting effective goals and managing performance
  • Focusing on outputs over process
  • Managing others energy and helping them overcome isolation
  • Developing a positive team culture in a home office environment
  • Being available when people need you without destroying your personal life
  • Unplugging from work when you are working from home

Build trust, motivate and enhance accountability.

Connect with emotion, energy and authenticity.

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Working well from home

Practical advice on tackling the unique challenges of working from home

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