Practical strategies for working from home

Manage your focus, energy & impact

About this training

“Working from home” brings unique challenges to employees, managers & organizations. The concern that people working from home don’t do much work doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Instead, research shows the greatest struggles are actually unplugging from work, dealing with loneliness and isolation and the challenges of collaborating and communicating effectively. This training provides you with practical tools and tips and supports you in building the right mindset.

Maximize productivity when working from home.

Your outcomes

  • Knowing what to do, how to do it and why you should do it
  • Building practical strategies for managing your time and space
  • Creating real-world solutions for dealing with the challenges
  • Applying simple tips and tricks for building and maintaining trust in a virtual environment
  • Building the right mindset for managing your energy and commitment in a home office environment

Training content

  • Building a routine and rhythm that works for you and others
  • Starting your day to succeed
  • Managing your energy and time over the short and long-term
  • Building accountability, discipline and focus
  • Dealing with distractions and derailers
  • Setting ground rules for yourself and others
  • Working with others to deliver results
  • Staying in touch to maintain your relationships and focus
  • Communicating and your “goldilocks moment”
  • Unplugging from work when you are working from home
  • Setting up accountability measures for lasting change

Manage your energy and time.

Tips and techniques for working together.

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Working well from home

Practical advice on tackling the unique challenges of working from home

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