Working effectively in virtual teams

Virtual Teams Training

As virtual teams are rapidly becoming the norm, working in virtual teams is becoming a must-have skill. In this virtual environment it is critical to rethink and sharpen the way we cooperate, collaborate and communicate to deliver results. This practical and hands-on seminar is for all line managers and specialists who are, or will be working in virtual teams or working remotely.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify the essential characteristics of an effective virtual team
  • Develop awareness of your personal preference when it comes to team roles
  • Understand and prepare to overcome the threats common to virtual teams
  • Sharpen your virtual communication skills
  • Implement tools to measure, monitor and improve your virtual team’s performance

Typical training topics

  • Identifying the characteristics of an effective team
  • Developing awareness of your “team player preferences” (Belbin)
  • Comparing and contrasting the challenges of working virtually
  • Identifying opportunities and threats in virtual teams
  • Avoiding the virtual team PIT (personal, intercultural, technology)
  • Performing a virtual team health check
  • Launching a successful virtual team
  • Leading virtual teams – new skills and new behaviors
  • Building communication strategies for a virtual environment
  • Reflecting on the 6 key rules successful virtual teams follow
  • Transferring your training back to your workplace

Your benefits

Customized training material, developed for your specific needs.

Telephone coaching before and/or after the training.

Observation in a live-environment with direct feedback.

Email coaching before and/or after the training.

Easily adaptable to changing employee schedules.

Training you to succeed globally

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