Managing conflict in virtual teams

Interpersonal Skills Training

Develop your active listening skills for interaction within a virtual environment.
Establish a safe, virtual environment for sharing information.
Increase the level of commitment each team member has to the team and to each other.

Managing conflict in virtual teams

A virtual work environment can easily change a simple task-based misunderstanding into a person to person conflict. As an experienced communicator you’re aware that non-verbal communication is a great empathy builder. Deprived of face-to-face communication, behaviours are magnified, intentions are misread and opinions are formed. The training Managing Conflict in Virtual Teams is for everyone who needs to overcome the challenges of virtual team conflicts, enabling participants to deal with conflicts confidently and successfully.

Your outcomes

  • Recognize the warning signs of conflict in virtual environment
  • Reflect on your personal approach to dealing with stress and conflict
  • Apply various tools and techniques to prevent and resolve conflicts in a virtual environment
  • Apply the skills and techniques to real situations
  • Virtual Delivery

  • Modular Delivery

  • Face to face Delivery

Training content

  • Facilitating the open flow of information
  • Recognizing the signs of fight or flee behavior in a virtual environment
  • Developing active listening skills for interacting appropriately within a virtual communication environment
  • Understanding and increasing the level of commitment each team member has to the team/organizational goals and to each other
  • Being well versed in the differences between, dialog, discussion, and debate and the skills required by each
  • Articulating clearly what is happening for us in conflict and our paths to action
  • Building a safe, virtual environment for sharing information (including bad news)
  • Understanding and valuing the motivational needs of each team member
  • Knowing when and what should be addressed individually and what should be addressed within the team
  • Developing a common vocabulary for dealing with conflict before it arises
  • Using self-reflecting language
  • Asking, mirroring, paraphrasing, priming
  • Linking and building
  • Deciding, documenting, and following-through
  • Recognizing the strengths and drawbacks of different communication methods
  • Customized for specific audience

  • Supported by guided learning / elearning

  • Adapt and intergrate in existing program

  • Flexible group size

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