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About this training

Writing reader-oriented reports is essential in many aspects of your business – from R&D to auditing, quality management to HR.This practical seminar on writing reader-oriented reports is aimed at anyone looking to better tailor their reports to their intended audience and deliver the desired result. You’ll practice planning, structuring, writing and editing your reports to generate results for you and your organization.

Learn to place your readers’ needs at the heart of your report-writing process.

Your outcomes

  • Identify and place your readers’ needs at the heart of your report-writing process
  • Practice what it takes to write clear, concise, complete and correct reports
  • Build up a toolbox and reference library of model reports and language
  • Develop the skills to edit your own reports
  • Identify and remove your weaknesses

Training content

  • Writing with the end in mind—understanding your readers’ needs
  • Applying the simple principles of effective writing to writing reports
  • Understanding the key controls of report writing
  • Applying, planning and structuring report models (PRISM, SCQA)
  • Writing styles for specific audiences / specific report genres
  • Appreciating, and adapting to, the needs of non-expert readers
  • Writing effective executive summaries
  • Stating findings and opinions
  • Writing value-added recommendations
  • Editing by eliminating the 7 sins of sloppy report writing
  • Applying a consistent approach to revising and editing
  • Putting principles into practice — applying learning to your own examples

Create a toolbox and reference library of model reports and language.

Develop the skills you need to edit your own reports.

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Email Models

Includes English phrases that will help you state your message plain and clear

This eBook is a collection of easy to remember structures that you can use when you write emails. Use S.O.A.P for making recommendations, follow S.C.R.A.P when complaining and A.C.T to confirm agreements – for example.

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