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About this training

Managing your time is a core team skill in global, interconnected business. This training gives you the knowledge and practical skills to manage your work , be responsive to your stakeholders and responsible to yourself. You’ll develop the agreements and behaviors that will support your team to successfully manage time together. As the saying goes, you have to do it and you can’t do it alone.

Develop practical agreements and behaviors that support teams in managing their time together.

Your outcomes

  • Understand time as a team resource
  • Build agreements for time management within a team
  • Develop and implement accountability strategies within a team
  • Continuously improve time behaviors and skills

Training content

  • Identifying team time sins, wasters and thieves
  • Identifying time tendencies
  • Understanding time in 3 dimensions
  • Increasing time estimation accuracy
  • Uncovering hidden time traps
  • Tasking by time type
  • Applying SMART and FAST request rules
  • Managing requests
  • Saying “No”
  • Developing strategies to work beyond time tendencies
  • Creating a team time charter
  • Applying Trompenaars’ 4 R process to time agreements
  • Managing commitments, expectations and prioritization
  • From intentions to actions – transferring the training to your workplace

Implement strategies to work beyond time tendencies.

Manage commitments, expectations and prioritization.

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