Report writing for auditors

Writing Skills Training

About this training

This practical workshop is appropriate for all internal auditors and quality auditors wanting to further improve their audit report writing skills. You will be equipped with best practice report writing tools and techniques during the training. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice using the tools and techniques, and prepare to put them into practice on the job in your audit environment.

Write clear, concise, action-oriented reports which enhance the impact of your audit findings.

Your outcomes

  • Understand the importance of writing with your audience in mind, learned who your stakeholders are and how to write for them
  • Practice drafting clear, well-structured audit findings
  • Formulate value-added recommendations in your audit reports
  • Confidently use the three controls of language to write clear, concise and complete audit reports

Training content

  • Drafting audit findings
  • Using relevant structures to ensure your key messages are easily seen and understood
  • Writing risk assessment statements and value-added recommendations
  • Stating opinions and expressing cause & effect
  • Writing with a “facts focus” approach
  • Writing value-added recommendations
  • Indicating mandatory actions and expressing assumptions
  • Avoiding the seven deadly sins of audit report writing
  • Using dynamic language to convey a clear, action-oriented message
  • Using the 5 Cs of audit report writing (Condition, Criteria, Cause Consequence, Correction)

Increase the level of corporate oversight and enable implementation of corrections and goals.

Formulate value-added recommendations in your audit reports.

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