Leading people in times of change and uncertainty

Leadership & Management Skills Training

About this training

Learning to recognize the emotional impact change is having on your people and teams is the first step to successfully leading them through it. This training provides practical strategies and techniques for leaders so you can keep your people focused, motivated and engaged through times of uncertainty and a changing environment.

Practice the skills of leading in a changing environment.

Your outcomes

  • Become aware of the emotional reactions to uncertainty, change and their signs
  • Identify countermeasures to support acceptance of change and uncertainty
  • Practice the skills of leading in a changing environment
  • Explored core messaging for creating stability in a time of change
  • Consider the strategic influencing model and its application in times of uncertainty

Training content

  • Recognizing the impact change and uncertainty has on commitment, trust, confidence, energy and effectiveness
  • Getting an emotional feel for change through experiential exercises
  • The seven emotional reactions to change
  • Getting a feel for uncertainty in experiential exercises
  • Countermeasures that lead to acceptance of change and tolerance of uncertainty
  • Communicating change and anticipating possible responses
  • Lewin change process today- is refreezing possible?
  • The impact of trust on the acceptance of change
  • The right balance between leading with strength and humanity
  • Anticipating the impact of stress
  • Reframing change
  • Building learning agility within your teams
  • Transferring intentions into actions

Explore core messaging for creating stability in a time of change.

Develop countermeasures that lead to acceptance of change .

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