Developing purpose in virtual teams

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About this training

A recent survey concluded that 85% of business professionals work on at least one virtual team, and many of them will never physically meet the people on their team. When we don’t build meaningful connections between team members, virtual teamwork can get a lower priority, no matter how important the work is. As leaders, how do we build commitment and alignment when people aren’t connected? Developing purpose in virtual teams can be the answer, and this practical training shows your how.

Increase trust, communication and collaboration.

Your outcomes

  • Using the process of building a virtual team around its purpose.
  • Making your purpose a part of team decision making.
  • Building commitment to purpose in a virtual environment.
  • Combining purpose and performance management.

Training content

  • Valuing an effective purpose and the three benefits it brings – unit, excitement and decision-making
  • Reflecting your “how” with team choices.
  • Facilitating a purpose development process.
  • Asking for and testing commitment.
  • Integrating your purpose into problem solving and decision making.
  • Aligning tasks to purpose.
  • Purpose and performance – making the link clear.
  • Living the purpose while you lead.
  • Reviewing with purpose.
  • Finding purpose in your KPIs.
  • Transferring the learning to your virtual workplace.

Create an environment that supports creativity and innovation.

Achieve individual and team goals.

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The ultimate book of virtual teams checklists

Does the virtual get in the way of your team?

If you are working in, or expect to be working in a virtual team, this eBook can help you. The same goes for leading a virtual team. You’ll also find the advice contained in the checklists useful if you are involved in HR and HRD.

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