Building a growth mindset

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About this training

We all know that intelligence and talent are important when leading people and organizations … but did you know that they aren’t as important as we may think? In an ever-changing world, effort, persistence and resilience in the face of failure are valuable skills for future leaders. Building a growth mindset is about challenging yourself to continually learn, develop and adapt. This training dives deeper into the what, why and how of growth mindset in a leadership context.

Focus on appreciating and rewarding effort, not outcome.

Your outcomes

  • Knowing what a growth mindset is and is not
  • Uncovering your enablers and inhibitors for a growth mindset
  • Framing and reframing your view of the world around you
  • Implementing behaviors to counteract lack environments
  • Monitoring and sustaining a growth mindset for yourself and others

Training content

  • What do we mean by growth mindset and why should you and your organization care?
  • Building a growth mindset through…
    • Embracing uncertainty and learning as part of everyday life
    • Managing your system 1 thinking
    • Failing in order to succeed and learning from your setbacks
    • Establishing a healthy self-esteem
    • Finding the good in challenging situations
    • Reflecting to improve and sustain a growth mindset
    • Putting your purpose first
    • Making a habit of success
    • Creating a culture that nurtures a growth mindset
  • Putting the training into action and transferring learning to your workplace

Recognize opportunities that enable growth and innovation.

Embrace uncertainty and learning as part of everyday life.

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